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Mobile betting is now one of the most popular methods of placing bets, with more customers turning to their mobile phone rather than their desktop computer to place a bet each and every year we thought it was only right to compile a list of the best sports betting apps for you to look at. Each one of them has been reviewed meaning you’ll only find the best below:

Best Sports Betting Apps for 2016


100% Up To $100


400% Up To $100


100% Up To $100


400% Up To $80

Ladbrokes Australia

100% Up To $100


100% Up To $250


100% Up To $333


100% Up To $100


100% Up To $501


300% Up To $150

William Hill

100% Up To $200


No Bonus


100% Up To $150

When researching and reviewing mobile betting applications we consider a few different factors before we decide to list them on this site. It is possible that a bookies will offer a great desktop product but they haven’t translated it well to the mobile phone, some may not even offer a dedicated betting application but instead will allow you to access a mobile optimised site only. However for those sites that do have their own app we will be looking at the following factors:

Interface & Load Speed: Apps are a great way to speed up mobile betting, because it draws on the resources of your mobile phone and therefore it should respond quicker than the mobile optimised version of the website. We measure how fast the app is to respond, the layout of the app and how easy it is to place a bet and whether there are any annoying features which get in the way.

There is nothing more off putting than an application that is slow and cumbersome to use, especially when you take into consideration the smaller screen size which definitely reduces the amount of space available for the site to be laid out. We want a sports betting app that looks good, responds quickly and has all the major features of the desktop site compacted into a smaller screen.

App Related Promotions: While plenty of sites offer a welcome bonus for their standard desktop customers its not as popular for them to offer a separate bonus for those who decide to start betting through their app. We look for any mobile related promotions which encourage their customers to download the app. When reviewing each app we look at the mobile promotions that they have available and the terms that have been set out.

Customer Service: One of the most overlooked factors of a mobile app, but there is nothing worse than being stuck while betting on the go, having to leave the app screen in order to get in touch with a member of their support team. Thats why we look for everything to be accessible from the app, whether its the live chat section or their telephone service you should be able to get all the details you need without actually having to leave the application itself.

With every application that we review we will provide you with the link where you can download the application meaning you wont even have to search through the App Store or online in order to find it.

Why should you use betting apps?

In this section we will be taking a look at some of the benefits that you will be able to experience when using a mobile application instead of the mobile optimised version of the betting site.

Virus Free
The first benefit to betting directly through an application instead of using the website is there is no risk of your phone getting a virus or the security of your device being compromised. This is down to the mobile application having its own secured network which prevent the virus from interfering or being able to understand the data that has been sent over to the servers. Every application that you see above has been under strict scrutiny by the Australian government which means they adhere to all of the rules and regulations set out by the government in order to protect customers.

Free To Download
Every application that has been listed is completely free of charge, all you need to do is download it from the app store, register your account, deposit and away you go.

As we mentioned above all of our Australian Customers needn’t worry, all of the betting sites and betting apps that we have reviewed all adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the Australian Government to ensure that Australian bettors are provided a safe and fair environment to bet in.

Mobile Site or Application?

There isn’t a great deal of difference when it comes to using either the mobile optimised betting site or the dedicated application as both contain a similar set of core features. However there are a few additional bonuses to using an app which you wouldn’t get the on the website.

The first benefit is the majority of apps actually allow you to customise the home screen meaning you can put your favourite markets, bets and teams on the forefront of the app. This makes betting on the mobile application that little bit more convenient. When you combine this with the faster running speeds you will be able to get a bet on faster with a mobile application then you would using the optimised version of the site, this is especially important for those of you who want to bet on the in-play markets where speed is needed to take advantage of the odds.

Having a wide selection of apps already pre installed on your mobile device makes comparing odds even easier than before. Instead of having to log into every site and find the odds you ill be able to hop between the screens finding the best odds available without ever having to type in a URL on the web browser.

With mobile betting becoming more popular bookies are beginning to cater more for these types of customers by releasing mobile specific bonuses so customers who jump on this trend earlier will be at the forefront of these promotions.

In summary for a quicker, customisable and more efficient way of betting we definitely advise for you to move over from using a desktop computer to a mobile app any day of the week.

Downloading your sports betting app

Depending on the type of mobile device you use whether its powered by iOS (Apple) or Android will affect the route you have to go in order to download the app to your device. Below we will go into the way you can download it:

Android: For customers who use an android power device, unfortunately you will not be able to download the app directly from the play store, this is because Google do not currently allow developers to submit any application that facilitates Gambling. If you do see any in the Play Store make sure you do not download them as these are created by third parties and therefore may not be secure. So if you’d like to download the app you will need to head to the website first and they will have a download section.

Apple: Apple device owners have it a bit easier, as Apple currently allows developers to submit gambling applications for prospective customers to download. In order to download any betting app just head to the App Store search the betting site and click download, its that simple.

Once you’ve downloaded your application its just a matter of logging into your existing customer account or creating a new one, depositing and placing a bet.

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