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UBET is a betting company based in Cyprus. The company was launched in 2016. It is a sports betting site accepting bets on different sports events. You will find all standard sports, such as basketball and football. So, you will be able to bet on your favourite sport. 

The site is available to countries across the globe. This company belongs to the Tatts group. The betting site owns the state-wide TAB in SA, QLD, and TAS. It also includes the Northern Territory. So, the betting site has licenses in all these territories. 

Once you open the platform, you will realize that the company was created to provide a better user experience to the users. 

About UBET

UBET is an Australian sports betting platform but it has managed to spread its wins across the world. It had its share of ups and downs. At UBET, you will find a full-service online sportsbook. Players will not be able to stream live UBET racing due to the Interactive Gambling Act. On this site, you will find different markets to bet on. Also, the site offers competitive odds to its customers. 

Something that you are going to love about the site is how it has been made to find the in-play action. If you want to learn more about UBET, keep reading this UBET review. We are going to disclose every little detail about the platform.

UBET Australia

Services and Features

Deposit MethodDebit card, credit card, bank transfer, BPAY
Withdrawal MethodDebit card, credit card, and bank transfer
Gaming CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Minimum Deposit$10
Minimum Withdrawal$10
Deposit TurnoverNone
Odd FormatDecimal
Minimum Bet$1
UI LanguageEnglish
Mobile BetsMobile app for Android and iOS smartphone and tablet and mobile version of the official site
Support AssistancePhone, email, and post. Assistance to customers is available 24/7
Bonus and PromotionsCustomers can get access to Sign-Up and weekly promotions. There is also a rewards program.

UBET Betting Markets

UBET Betting Markets

Players will find all types of games on this platform. However, football has the greatest representation. In this section, we are going to take a look at the different sports that this platform has to offer for betting.

Horse Racing

UBET betting app and site gives you the chance to bet on horse racing. It is one of the most popular sports to bet on not just in Australia but across the world. Previously, people had to go to the race track to place horse race bets. However, with UBET Australian players can bet from the comfort of their homes. 

UBET’s team has used their knowledge about horse racing to put together a collection of top major tournaments to bet on. You will find a list of global as well as international races. When you click on the specific tracks, you will be able to check the ongoing race. You can navigate to the race through the race timeline or track-listing. Check the runners for every race, along with the odds for show and win.

One each race, you can check the different horses, jockeys, and trainers. At this site, you will get to enjoy the best odds. Thus, if you win, it is going to be according to the best-fixed odds. But you will not find the live streaming of the games on this platform since it is a sports betting platform based in Australia. It offers plenty of opportunities to the players. Use the UBET racing tips to place your bets.

Australian Rules

Australian betting laws in Australia are simple. In simple words, there are no laws when it comes to the ability of the players to place bets online. There is no mention of betting on the criminal code. 

But there is the Interactive Gambling Act for the betting operators. According to IGA, it is illegal for offshore online operators to provide most forms of gambling. But the biggest exception is race and sports betting. The betting sites based in Australia are also allowed to provide gambling games to non-Australians around the world.

Rugby League

Rugby league betting gives you the opportunity to ramp up the excitement as you watch the big game. On UBET, you will get the option on various intriguing pre-match betting options, long-term markets, and in-play wagers. Just find out the latest odds for rugby league. The most popular market, in this case, is the match odds betting market. UBET doesn’t mess around when it comes to the best odds.


UBET is one of the few MLB betting sites. Apart from the standard wagering choices, baseball betting enthusiasts will also be provided with a site that offers MLB props and futures bets. Other than this, you will find MLB Totals, MLB Parlays, and MLB Runline. 

There are plenty of options when you decide to bet on a baseball game.


Basketball has a large global following. The UBET betting site makes sure you are placing the best bet. The quick-fire scoring and action-packed matches make it one of the best games to bet on. 

The site makes sure you have different leagues, markets and bets to place your wager. NBA is the most popular league, but there are other leagues, such as Australia NBL, Spain Liga ACB, EuroLeague, FIBA World Cup, and NCAAB Championship. It also provides a wide of betting markets, such as, 

  • Total points
  • Moneyline
  • Half-based betting
  • Quarter-based betting
  • Handicap
  • Outright winner
  • Both teams to score X points

Boxing & MMA

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing are the fastest-growing contact sports. In the UBET bet platform, you will find all current events to wager on. However, the range of betting markets is a little limited. With the help of useful site features, you can easily bet on MMA and Boxing. 

The most popular bet in the case of Boxing and MMA is the fighter you think is going to win. But check the site to learn about the other markets you can bet on.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia. The bettors in Australia are completely obsessed with it. So, UBET makes sure you have enough options to bet on. In fact, you are sure to be overwhelmed with the amount of choice the site has to offer. But since there is no live betting option, you will only be able to choose the pre-match betting option. On this site, you will also find the most generous betting odds. So, when you win, you are going to win more. There are different cricket tournaments that you can bet on, such as the World Cup, World Cup T20, IPL, the Ashes, and more. 

Sure, you can bet on the outright march winner. However, there are some other bets, too, such as,

  • First Wicket Method
  • A Fifty to be Scored in Specific Innings
  • Man of the Match
  • Highest Opening Partnership

So, make your choice and place your bet.


Motorsport betting in Australia includes all competitive events using motorized vehicles. It is one of the most challenging betting experiences you can take part in. On UBET, you will find an extensive range of betting opportunities across several markets. No matter you love the high-tech racing arenas, such as Formula or cross-country challenges presented by dirt bikes and rally cars. 

In case you are looking for a different and fun betting experience, motorsports betting might be the ideal choice. As motorsports is a broader category, you should narrow it down to one or two competitions to place easy bets.


UBET Betting Football

As we said, football is the most extensive section on this platform. It covers all the European championships. The site even covers every second division of several nations. At some of the top events, the outcomes are quite extensive.

Betting on football adds to the fun. It can be a lucrative betting option. On UBET Australia, betting on football is really simple. When you choose to bet on football, you will find a complete list. So, you have to decide on the games you would like to bet on. The list will show you on which day or at what time the game is being played.   

When you find the game, you would like to bet on just clicking on it. At this site, you will find different types of football bets to choose from. So, you can experiment and choose the one that suits you the best. 

The markets that you can bet on in this case,

  • Moneyline bets
  • Parlays
  • Spread bets
  • Over/under bets
  • Prop bets
  • Live betting

You will also be able to bet on various football leagues going on around the world. These include, 

  • NFL
  • NCAA
  • Barclays
  • Serie A
  • Champions League

Other Markets

There are various other markets that you will be able to bet on when you register on UBET. It is one of the most extensive sports betting sites available in Australia. You will also be able to bet on Tennis, Badminton, and many other such sports.

UBET Bet Types

At the UBET app Android or iOS and the betting site, you will find different types of bets. Let’s take a look at the betting types you can avail on this platform.

UBET Bet Types

Moneyline Bets and Win Bets

Moneyline and win bets are interchangeable. Even though they are said differently, they imply the same thing. However, in Australia, it is majorly referred to as money line bets. It is one of the most common bets. In this, you just have to choose the team or the player you think will win the match or the game and bet on it. 

For instance, if you are betting on an upcoming cricket game between Australia and India, you have to decide which team you think will win the game. In case you think Australia is going to come out on top, you have to place the money line bet on Australia. In case Australia goes on to win the game, you are going to win the bet. This is as simple as it can get. 

Over/Under and Totals Bet

This also comes with interchangeable names. Some people refer to this as total, while others refer to this as Over/Under bet.

It is another very simple wager that is ideal for beginners to choose along with the other bets. When you choose totals, the sportsbook is going to issue a specific total related to the sports event. In most cases, the total is related to the number of points being scored in the game. When you place this type of bet, you need to decide if the total will come under or over the number which has been set by UBET. 

Again, if we take a look at an example of the Australia and India cricket match, a sportsbook might set the total of 205. In case you think both teams are going to score 205 in combination, you have to bet over. But, if you think the teams will have combined less score, you have to bet under. In case you choose correctly, you can win the totals bet. 

Handicap and Point Spread Betting

Another kind of bet you can place on several sports betting events is the point spread wager. It is a popular bet in Australia and across the world. The bet is also known as handicap betting. 

In handicap or point spread bet, UBET will decide which team you think will be favoured to win the match. Once that is done, they are going to assign total points that they think will win the game. Thereafter, it’s on you to decide if you believe the pick by the site is under or overstated. 

For instance, in a game, UBET has posted a point spread of 5 points in favour of a team. So, it means that the sportsbook expects the team to win by 5 points. In case you place a point spread wager on the game, you will have to choose if you think UBET is high or low. 

In case you think that the specific team is going to win the game by a minimum of 5 points, you will bet on that team. But if you think the other team will lose the game or win by 4 points or less, you will have to wager on the other team. To win this, you need to choose correctly from one of the two options. 

Outright and Futures Bets

Outright and futures bet is the same. In this kind of bet, you have to choose the winner for the overall tournament, league, or competition. In a majority of the cases, you are going to make the pick well in advance of the actual sports. This is evident from the term ‘futures’ associated with the bet. 

For instance, you are betting on the winner of the Champions League before the next season begins. You are placing the bet on the event in advance. Since most of the outright bets are placed before the event is complete, they are difficult to choose. To place a bet before the season starts, you will not have enough information about how the team is going to perform. Thus, the payouts related to it can be quite big. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that good payouts mean you will have to place risky bets. 

Parlays and Accumulator

In the case of accumulators and parlays, things can be a little complicated. Due to this, these kinds of sports betting bets shouldn’t be used if you are a beginner. Parlays and accumulator bets are the ones where you will have to choose a string of picks as a part of one bet. 

For instance, when you place your bet on horse racing, you can make an accumulator wager on the winner of 4 different races. If you have to win the wager, you have to make accurate picks for all 4. In case even if the picks are incorrect, you are going to lose the bet. These bet types can be highly risky. So, you can earn high payouts as you are less likely to get it right. 

Proposition Bets

In case you are searching for something other than a regular sports bet, you can try out a proposition bet. It is also called proposition bets. 

These bets are placed on the players or team you think is going to score first in the match. Other prop bets are the time of the first goal in the football match or which team is going to score the first run in the game. 

Other Bets

The other bet types that you might come across on this platform are,

  • Teasers and pleasers bet
  • Reverse and are if the bet
  • Permutation bets

Betting Interface and Website Layout

Betting Interface and Website Layout

The interface of UBET is quite similar to the other betting platforms. It is easy to navigate through. You will find a list of sports disciplines and tournaments available on the left side. Just at the centre of the page, you will find the games along with their odds. On the right side of the homepage, you will find a coupon and a list of the previously-made bets.

So, even if you are a beginner, you will easily be able to understand and place your bet accordingly. A great advantage of this interface is it lets you fold the side menu.

Step by Step Guide to Place a Bet with UBET

Are you ready to place a bet on UBET using the UBET tips? Well, you will only have to follow a few easy steps. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

  1. Go over to the official site of UBET through your laptop. You can also open the mobile app. 
  2. Click on the option “Sign Up”. You don’t have to add a UBET sign up code to sign up for the site.
  3. Enter the details, such as name, number, etc. 
  4. When you are done, click on the option to create an account. 
  5. Once you complete the registration process, go over to the banking section to deposit real money into the site. If there is a UBET sign up bonus on the deposit, make sure you claim it. 
  6. As soon as the deposit is complete, go over to the homepage and browse through the sports options. 
  7. Choose the sport you would like to bet on and then choose the bet type. 
  8. Now, choose the amount you would like to bet and place your bet. 

The process of registering and placing your bet in UBET is hassle-free.

UBET Mobile App

UBET Mobile App

In case you want to access UBET through your mobile, you can access the UBET app for Android and iOS. It lets you place your bet through your smartphone or tablet. The app will have to be downloaded directly from the website since Google Play doesn’t feature money related gaming apps. However, in the case of iOS devices, you will be able to download the app directly from the App Store. 

With the UBET app, you will be able to place bets on the go. So, no matter you are commuting to the office or are at a party, you can use your smartphone to place your bet. All you have to do is make sure that your smartphone or tablet has an active internet connection. 

The app has a layout that is quite similar to the website. But the app has a detailed interface that has been customized as per the player’s requirements. 

Apart from the similar functionalities, UBET app offers bettors other amazing features, such as,

  • Race Reminders
  • Exclusive Offers
  • UBET + Rewards
  • Easy Navigation
  • Fixed Price/ Place Multis
  • Enhanced Multis
  • Pin or Fingerprint login

UBET Promotions

UBET surely knows how to make its customers happy. It offers profitable bonuses to its customers. New players can avail the UBET sign up bonus. However, there are other UBET promotional offers.

When you are a member of UBET, you will be rewarded with weekly promotional offers on major sports, such as AFL or NRL and major horse races. 

The site also has a rewards program. So, when you sign up and place your first bet, you immediately become a part of the rewards program. It is their way of rewarding their customers. In these reward programs, players collect points whenever they place a bet on their favourite sport. These points can, later on, be exchanged for additional money or bets. Hence, the more you bet, the more points you will be able to collect.

Deposit and Withdrawal Details

Deposit and Withdrawal Details

At UBET, you will have no trouble depositing money. This is because the platform comes with ample deposit and withdrawal methods.  

You can deposit funds to the UBET betting account in cash at the retail outlets using the minimum deposit amount. There are many retail outlets around South Australia and Queensland. But you will also be able to fund your account with your debit or credit cards. These are the quickest deposit options. 

Players can use BPAY or bank transfers for depositing money into their accounts. But it takes a few days for the money to be deposited in the casino account. 

No matter the deposit method you are choosing, the minimum deposit amount is $10. But the maximum deposit amount depends on the payment method you choose. 

The site doesn’t have as many payment methods as its rivals. But you can deposit and withdraw safely at this site. Also, the options that are available for making deposits are also available for making withdrawals. Before you place your withdrawal request at the site, you will have to verify your account. 

The site doesn’t charge any additional money for the deposits and withdrawals. But it is responsible for the fee you are charged by the banking method you have chosen.

Customer Support

It is crucial that a betting site offers quality customer support to its users if it wants to be taken seriously. The customer service of UBET will stand up to your expectation. In fact, the good thing is you can reach out to the customer support team 24/7. So, even if it is late at night and you have got a query, you can talk to them. UBET offers phone support. But you will also be able to contact them through email. However, UBET doesn’t provide chat support to its customers. But their phone support executives are known to offer equally quick responses. When it comes to UBET contact, you will notice that the customer support executives are friendly and always ready to help you out, no matter the problem you are facing.

UBET is a popular betting site for Australian players. It offers an extensive array of sports, leagues, and racing markets for the bettors to choose from. The odds that UBET provides for the sports bet are also quite competitive. You will be able to make easy deposits and withdrawals using one of the many options. First-time bettors can take advantage of the sign-up bonus. But if you are an old customer, you can take advantage of the weekly bonus or be a part of the reward program. 

If you want, you can access the UBET through the mobile app. It can be downloaded on Android, as well iOS smartphones and tablets. So, bettors will be able to bet on their preferred sport on the go. In case you encounter any problem at the site, you can reach out to customer support through email or phone any time you want. All in all, UBET is an excellent option for bettors of all preferences and levels.


Is UBET Bookmaker Trustworthy?

Yes, the UBET bookmaker is a trustworthy platform that has a robust reputation for security. When you sign up with the platform, you will have to share some personal and financial details. But UBET protects all details you share. All sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access. It also uses an SSL encryption system to protect its pages and keep your details from landing up in the hands of hackers. 

Who Is the Owner of UBET?

Tabcorp Holdings Limited is the owner of UBET. The site is a direct outcome of the rebranding of TattsBet that took place in 2015. 

How Good Are UBET Odds?

After you do a few odds comparisons of UBET with others, you will find that it is offering odds that are a tad below the industry average. There are some sites that provide better prices. Also, it offers fixed odds. 

Does UBET Offer Sign-Up Offer for its New Customers?

Yes, you will find a sign-up offer on the site that is provided to all new customers. So, once you sign up and make the deposit, you will be provided with a bonus. This can improve your bankroll and allow you to bet on your favourite sports for a longer time. 

How to Withdraw at UBET?

Before you place a withdrawal request, you have to verify your account. After you have verified the account, you can withdraw the money from UBET through a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal limit at the site is $10. All you have to do is go over to the banking section, click on withdrawal, and follow further instructions. 

How Fast Is Money Withdrawal at UBET?

Irrespective of the method you choose, the withdrawal process is going to take a few days. Since the site doesn’t offer any e-wallet withdrawal option, there is no way to withdraw money instantly. 

Are There any Promo Codes for UBET?

No, there are no promo codes that you can use for the site. If the site provides any offers, you can claim them directly.

Good for early markets.Website a tad slow.
Easy to navigate website and app.Odds a little lower than the industry average.
Attractive bonus and rewards program.Doesn’t offer live streaming.
Decent offers on sports and racing markets.
Customer support is available 24/7.

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UBET Australia – Review 2021
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