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The complimentary benefits you may get with different bookies sometimes affect the final choice of the Aussie punters. Indeed, modern sportsbooks compete with each other for customers trying to offer the best betting promotions, but it becomes more complicated due to the changes in legislation. We will try to provide you with the bonuses in detail, covering such aspects as limits and restrictions for some betting offers, types of available promotions in Australia, explain the main terms of using them and more.

Why Can’t You Find Bonuses?

Many Aussie players started wondering where did all the offers go. That is a result of the changing legislation that now forbids offshore bookies to advertise their promotions. Some promotions, such as betting sign up bonuses and free bets, have also been restricted, so the bookies can no longer provide them. Note that the laws may vary between some regions. Therefore we recommend checking the legislation in your area before using any promos. For instance, there are more restrictions in New South Wales than in other regions: you cannot use cashbacks and referral bonuses. In turn, odds boost, cashbacks and reload bonuses are banned for punters from Victoria.

Available Types of Bonuses

Thankfully, there are still lots of bonuses that are active in dozens of sportsbooks for Aussie players. Most of them still require you to make a deposit, but they may grant lots of free advantages, especially in the long term. We will give a short description of every type of bonus available, but remember that not all of them may be legal in your region. Checking up with the local laws is essential for bettors in Australia right now, but we hope that it won’t be necessary for the players to perform such research in the future.

Reload Bonuses

These bonuses may grant different forms of value, such as deposit bonuses or cashbacks, for example. However, their common feature is that they allow multiple activations daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Sign Up Offers

These are the bonus bet offers for new players. In addition, once you create an account, you typically get some motivational prizes or extra cash for making your first deposit.

In-play Bonuses

As the name implies, these are the bonuses for in-play bets. In addition, they allow you to bet on live events with some additional free value.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are the ones given for inviting or referring a friend. For example, once your friend makes a deposit, you get a portion of the transaction without your friend being charged.

Boost Odds

These betting bonuses are similar to winning multipliers at online casinos. They increase the odds you are betting on, allowing you to win more from a single bet.

Exclusive Bets and Bonus Codes

This category is a bit vague as each bookie has its exclusive offers. Typically, these are the most generous promotions available for a limited period or to a limited portion of punters.

How Do Bonus Bets Work?

It may be hard for a new player to understand the concept of a bonus bet or a free bet as the bookies are not always describing them enough. A free bet is a risk-free prediction that still allows you to grab some winnings. However, with most such offers, you don’t get back the value of the bet itself. For example, you could make a free each-way bet of AU$20 for odds of x10. Typically, you would get AU$200 back on your account, but with bonus bets, you get AU$180. Such free bets are typically awarded through various promotions. For example, a bookie might give you a free bet of AU$20 for depositing at least AU$20. Note that such bets are not available in some regions, as we have already mentioned in the previous sections.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Bonus Bets?

As with any other type of promotion, bonus bets have some drawbacks. We’ve decided to outline the disadvantages of this specific bet type as it is one of the most popular and has the most pitfalls. Most of these drawbacks arise from the essence of the promotion: a bookie cannot simply give out free cash, so they have to limit the total winnings of all punters somehow. Therefore, there are some terms and conditions that make these bets less valuable.

First of all, they have the same terms as other bonuses. These are the expiration dates and wagering requirements. While it is all clear with expiration periods, wagering requirements are often misunderstood by the players. They are a multiplier applied to the bonus, and the resulting sum is the amount of turnover you need to reach on your account to unlock withdrawals. It does not sound easy. We hope an example would make it clear: a bonus of AU$20 with wagering requirements of x5 will require you to bet a total of AU$100. Moreover, there might be some additional limits for completing wagers, such as betting on odds of 1.5 and higher, for instance.

Secondly, there are the additional conditions applied only to the bonus bet offers. These terms limit you in types of sports you can use the free bet on and the minimum odds. This narrows the choice a lot and urges the punter to make risky bets. Last but not least, these bets are not entirely free as you still have to make a deposit to get them. Yes, you will not lose the deposit amount, but we think of it as misinformed as they don’t really provide you with a bonus bet for free.

Pros & Cons of Bonuses

All the bonuses have their advantages and drawbacks, but we think it is important to outline them. Even with the restrictions on advertising, the bookies efficiently manage to present the promotions as some gifts given for free. But do you get Christmas gifts with small lists of terms that don’t allow you to use the gifts the way you want? The primary limits and restrictions are usually written in the depths of bonus terms, and we know most players don’t read them attentively enough. We’re not trying to say that all the promotions and bonus codes are scams, but it is crucial to understand some terms for using them. We suggest thinking of them as a helpful tool that may be beneficial if used smartly.

Bonus Pros

  • Value. After all, you do get the value for free. Sometimes it is free bets; sometimes, it’s an increase of your deposits or odds.
  • Risk-free. You can use some of the bonus value to make risky bets you wouldn’t afford with your actual bank.
  • Easy Activation. Most promotions are available in a few clicks, so there are no technical difficulties on your way.
  • Long-term. The promos may grant you tons of free value in the long term, especially for the reload bonuses.

Bonus Cons

  • Limits. All the promotions have some limits and restrictions. They may concern the sports types, the minimum odds, or other aspects, but you won’t use the bonuses fully.
  • Wagering Requirements. We have already described the concept. These requirements may turn your bonus winnings into a pumpkin if you don’t manage to complete them.
  • Deposit Required. The so-called “no-deposit bonuses” are scarce among bookies, so you will have to make a cash-in first in most cases.

Advantages for Bookies

Of course, bookies have some advantages for themselves. Otherwise, they wouldn’t probably implement any generous offers. The main pros for the company holding the sportsbook are:

  • Attention. Even though advertising is forbidden, players will learn about their generous bonuses, and the bookie will get more new users.
  • Control. The abovementioned limits and restrictions make the environment controlled. A bookie will never lose from offering the bonuses.
  • Activity. With the frequent promotions, the players will visit the sportsbook more often and make more bets.
  • Loyalty. Rewarding the loyal punters with exclusive bonuses will encourage the other players to become more loyal and make more bets.

How to Get a Bonus?

If you have never activated a bet bonus and have many questions about the process, we’re ready to help you out. As we have mentioned, the activation itself is super easy, and the main difficulty is understanding all the terms that come with the bonus. So, to start receiving free value quickly, feel free to follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Register

Create an account using your details. Later you will most likely need to verify your identity, so fake data is not an option. Before signing up, you won’t see the available promotions, but you may find the available offers on independent platforms.

Step 2: Choose

Choose the promotion you like the most. Then attentively read the bonus terms for this promotion to make an informed decision whether or not to activate it.

Step 3: Activate

Once you’re sure, hit the activation button and follow the instructions. In most cases,, you will have to make an eligible deposit.

Are the bonuses restricted in AU?

Aussies may still enjoy the promotions. It is just that the bookies can no longer advertise their promos, so you will only see them after making an account. However, in some states, some types of bonuses are indeed forbidden.

How do I get a bonus?

To get a bonus, you typically have to create an account and visit the “Promotions” section. Note that the terms may vary between different promos, so make sure to read the conditions for your specific bonus.

What can I bet on with bonus codes?

Different bookies have different limits, but the most popular types of sports are typically available. However, you cannot usually bet on odds lower than x1.5 or even x2.

Is the expiration period long?

At most bookies, the bonuses expire in a few weeks, so make sure to learn the expiration periods beforehand and use your bonuses in this timeframe.

What are the reload bonuses?

Reloads are recurring promotions that you may act daily, weekly or monthly.