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The best eSports bookies offer for online betting a bit of everything that has the most value for betters. This is what online betting platforms can boast: wide market coverage, a high level of customer service, high-speed data processing, and unlimited choice of entertainment.

Recommended Dota 2 Sites

All Dota 2 online betting sites that we recommend are licensed and legally valid. You can be sure of that. We also checked the registration process, depositing money into the account, placing bets and their types, calculating bets and cashouts to ensure that they do not disappoint you.

How Dota 2 Is Played

Dota 2 is a role-playing game and, at the same time, a real-time strategy. Ten players take part in each match (five for each Team). During the duel, they attack each other using controlled “creeps” to capture the towers controlled by the enemy. The location of all buildings and bases in the video game is the same. This simplifies the placement of bets. The Team that is the first to destroy the main building (Throne) on the enemy base wins the game.

Who Are The Dota 2 Heroes?

Dota 2 heroes are classified according to the roles they play in the game:

  • Carries are initially weak characters, but during the confrontation, their strength increases and at the end of the match, they become the most dangerous for the opponent. They are the ones who can bring victory to their Team.
  • Initiators are the heroes who are considered the most productive at the beginning of the match or when most players on each side take part in one fight.
  • Supports help their carry-teammates. They have such valuable skills as healing spells.
  • Disablers are support characters who do not allow enemies to perform certain actions for a short time.
  • Lane supports. Their role is to help the сarries destroy players and units at the beginning of the duel.
  • Durables can withstand a large number of attacks, unlike other heroes.
  • Nukers create big problems for their opponents even at the beginning of the fight due to their stable ability to inflict heavy damage on the enemy.
  • Pushers are used to destroy enemy towers. They are also effective in the fight for map control.
  • Escapes are endowed with unusual abilities that allow them to move, especially on the battlefield.
dota 2 heroes

All Dota 2 characters are divided not only by categories but by characteristics that give them certain advantages. For example, the ability to effectively block the enemy, push or run away from him.

Dota 2 Betting Tips

View Dota 2 tournaments and analyze the opinions of experts before such competitions or before the game. You also need to follow the statistics of team and player performances in recent tournaments. In particular, it is worth monitoring the performances of the most successful teams: PSG.LGD, Virtus.Pro, OG and Team Liquid. At the same time, pay attention to the patterns that are often repeated.

Best Dota 2 Betting Sites For 2021

Not all sites that offer online betting on Dota 2 are the same. Different platforms offer different odds, so your task is to choose the option that suits you. Remember that only high odds can bring you the largest gains.

There is a lot of competition in the Australian market, so the difference in chances for the same event is often incredible. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, there will always be a wide variety of betting options to choose from, which will come in handy on the way to winning!

Place A Real Or Play Money Dota 2 Bet

One of the most exciting features of Dota 2 is that viewers can bet on the results of duels. Anyone can bet on this video game using the following three things on the online betting platform:

  • In-Game Items
  • Play Money
  • Money

Gambling Real Money At Dota 2 Betting Sites

Dota betting with the use of game money and real money are often offered by the same sites. At the same time, game money can replace real money when Dota 2 gambling is prohibited by law. It is also a good tool for practicing and getting used to betting.

Gambling With In-game Content On Dota 2

There is one important difference between betting on Dota 2 and regular bookmaker bets. This is an opportunity to place bets using in-game content on the results of the loudest Dota 2 upcoming matches.

Betters use the Steam client from the developer Valve, connect to to take part in Dota 2 trade or bid on selected video game content they have. Gaming items really come at a price, and selling them well is one of the key ways to ensure Dota 2’s stability in monetary terms.

Types of Dota 2 bets

dota betting


Moneyline is the odds on the decisive match or the winning Team. This is one of the best types of bets Dota 2. If two teams compete, there are usually three possible results. For example, if the teams Nigma and TNC Predator meet, you have the opportunity to bet on the draw or the win of one of them in the group stage of the competition.

Map Betting

Bets on the map and rounds also include Dota bets on the results of each round. For example, if you know that one of the teams wins almost all the games, and its opponent has numerous defeats, you bet on the first team to win. Conversely, if the fight, in your opinion, is equal, you can avoid the risk and miss any of the rounds.

Negative Map Advantage

One of the most common bets on the map advantage, taking into account the nature of the confrontation Dota 2, is the bet Team A -1.5. This means that the Team will win by two or more games.

Positive Map Advantage

Betting on Team A +1.5 will mean that you predict the victory of Team A with an advantage of 1.5 games. Thus, your bet will not be successful in only one case – if team A loses 2:0.

Kills Advantage

Team A -3.5 will mean that Team A will start the battle (or map) with a 3.5 kills disadvantage, unlike its opponent. In addition, this bet indicates that in your opinion, Team A will win its opponent by more than four kills. If you bet on Team A +3.5, you win if Team wins or is not defeated by more than four kills.

Total Kills

The total number of kills in the Team or on the map. If you bet on 52.5 total homicides, you will win if the total homicide is more than 53.

First To 10/20 Kills

Provided you bet on team A, which will be able to commit ten kills, you will take the winnings in the amount of your bet multiplied by the odds. Instead, if Team B is the first to commit ten kills on the map or in the game, your bet loses.

Roshan Kills

Roshan is the strongest of the neutral monsters in this popular video game. Usually, players wait for the last part of the confrontation, when the farm characters can collect the most valuable items or try to kill Roshan by joint efforts. Then, you bet on the whole Team or one of its representatives who will be able to defeat Roshan.

Courier Kills

This is one of the most straightforward bets in Dota 2. Some bookies additionally offer a bet on whether someone will eliminate the courier on the map. And it doesn’t matter how many times the courier dies; you are betting exclusively on the event itself.

First Blood

If you decide to bet on the first blood, you must choose the Team that will be the first to kill one of the characters in the video game. Your bet amount will be multiplied by the odds specified in the field under one of the teams you bet on.

Team To Destroy Barrack 1 / Tower 1

In order to win in Dota 2, you must destroy the enemy’s Ancient. On the way to this Throne of the enemy, the Team must destroy the towers and, occasionally, the barracks. You can predict who will be the first to destroy the enemy’s barrack or tower 1.

Godlike Streak

In this case, the player can predict whether any of the players will be able to commit Godlike (more than seven kills in a row) on the first map.

How to Bet in Dota 2 Step-by-Step

bets on dota2

Make A Research

If you plan to bet on this game, relying solely on luck, this will not be enough. Successful players in Dota 2 have their tactics, experience and a unique style of play. Therefore, you need to know all aspects of the game and information about the most famous players, top teams and the results of recent tournaments.

Find Tournaments To Bet On

Huge money can be won during large-scale tournaments. If you really want to win a Dota 2 jackpot for betting on this game, then you need to take less risk and bet on big or minor competitions. For example, WePlay! Bukovel Minor or DreamLeague Leipzig Major, which took place in January this year, or StarLadder ImbaTV Minor, which ended in March this year. Other Dota 2 tournaments have not taken place this year due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Register On a Corresponding Website

Dota 2 is a unique phenomenon in the e-sports world. Millions of people around the world play it. That’s why e-sports betting websites have included it in the list of disciplines where you can place your Dota 2 betting predictions. Given the success of gambling and the number of portals that offer different eSports Dota 2 bets, choosing a proven bookmaker is a key factor. An authoritative and reliable online betting platform is the basis for winning predictions on Dota 2.

Remain Analytical

Each of the Dota2 betting wins is inspiring. It gives the motivation to go further and adds confidence in Dota 2 bet predictions for various events in the esports discipline. However, don’t let the first winnings fool you. Dota 2 is a game that requires constant prudent tactics, so betting on its events also requires prudence and information analysis.

Don’t Give Up After The First Lost

It is important to remember that success rarely comes right away. You will not be able to fill your pockets immediately after the first Dota 2 bets on Dota 2. Success loves those who are not afraid to take risks and those who persevere towards their goal and never give up after failures.

Reasons Why Players Enjoy Dota 2

Variety Of Heroes

One of the essential differences between Dota 2 and Cs: Go is the large selection of characters that can be used in the game. Dota 2 now has one hundred and nineteen characters. Each of them has individual skills and roles, which are divided into three types. You can improve your skills by using one character in the game, or play several characters at once.

Constant Increase In Skills

When you first step on the battlefield and meet the enemy face to face, there is an approximately 99% chance that you will be killed immediately. However, over time, gaining some experience in the game, you will learn the capabilities and strength of every hero of Dota 2, and gain new skills to resist the enemy better. 

Then you learn to control any situation during the game. Therefore, you subconsciously accumulate a large number of new skills, improve tactics and continue the gameplay. All this will eventually affect the quality and style of your game, and your confidence as a player in Dota 2 will increase several times.

Sense Of Rivalry

Of course, Dota 2 can make you vent your negative emotions, but this video game gives joy not only when you win. If you came together in a battle with skillful, experienced opponents, your match turned out to be incredibly exciting and intriguing. Then even the defeat can cause a lot of positive emotions.


Each duel in Dota 2 takes place according to a different scenario and is unique and inimitable. Why is it unique? Because your opponents are very different, your partners are also random and constantly changing. In addition, the outcome of the duel will depend not only solely on you but also on the skills and experience of your allies and opponents. You will never be able to guess how a fight will go and how well a particular player can play. This is what makes the Dota 2 video game incredibly popular.


People of all ages love to play Dota 2 in all corners of our planet. It became wildly popular several years ago and managed to keep old fans and gain new fans. As a result, the lion’s share of bets on e-sports events falls on Dota 2.

Once you’ve learned so many details about Dota2 bets, all you have to do is try. Just visit any of online betting platforms on Dota 2 offered by us and get a unique gaming experience and the opportunity to win a considerable amount of money! Good luck to you!


What online betting platforms offer a free bet?

On many of the betting portals we offer, you can place free bets or receive various bonuses during registration when you decide to join them. You will receive further similar offers depending on how often you place bids, as well as during promotions.

How much time does it take to open an account for online betting?

If you have all the necessary data, your account will be opened instantly – within five minutes or so. You will need to download copies of the documents for the verification to be successful, which will take you an additional five minutes.

Are all the offered bookies legal?

Absolutely all of these online betting portals on Dota 2 operate within the law and have the necessary licenses. We do not recommend joining those bookies that do not comply with the rules of honesty and safety.

How to bet online on Dota 2?

If you are betting on e-sports for the first time, choose a reliable bookmaker and register on its website. After completing all the settings, deposit the first amount into the account, select the event whose outcome you want to predict and then place your bet.

Which of the bookmakers’ list is the best?

Browse all the sites from the list of online eSports betting platforms that we have selected. All of them are tested and reliable, so you can choose the best bookie yourself, taking into account your own priorities.

Which online betting app in Australia is most convenient?

In compiling a list of the best betting portals on Dota 2 Australia, we took into account whether they are optimized for smartphones and various applications. Our list of bookies is constantly updated, so you will definitely make the best choice.

Which gambling portals should I pay attention to?

As we mentioned above, some of the gaming platforms are better than their competitors. Therefore, we conducted a thorough review and personally made sure that all Dota 2 betting sites we offer are the best for eSports bettors.