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Here you will find all of the best free bets listed, reviewed and ready for you to claim. These are a great way to maximise the amount of money you start with at a bookmakers and we may even have some exclusive ones in our list for you to claim. So take a look below and see whats up for grabs at some of Australia’s best betting sites.

Free Bets For 2021

What types of betting offers are available?

Now free bets aren’t all equal, while its common that every betting site offers them to their customers as  a welcome bonus some do differ. This is because every bookmaker likes to offer a different type of welcome bonus which can vary from the following offers that we’ve explained below:

Matched Bets: These are one of the more popular free bets that we see when browsing the net, this is when the betting site that you have just signed up for will match your first wager up to a certain amount. An example this is when you deposit and wager $50 the site will credit your account with a $50 free bet as soon as your bet has been placed or settled.

Deposit Bonus: Deposit bonus’ actually work in the same way as a casino bonus, what you’ll find is instead of having your first wager matched by a certain a % they will instead match your first deposit bonus. For example if you were to sign up to Bet365 they currently have a $200 deposit bonus on offer, this means once you’ve signed up and deposited into your customer account you they will then add 100% of this first deposit up to $200 as a bonus. However keep in mind that given the overall size of these bonuses you may have a wagering requirement in place which means you will have to turn over your bonus a certain amount of times before cashing out.

No Deposit Bonus: Pretty much what it says on the tin, a bonus which can be claimed with out having to actually deposit any money upfront. These types of bets are a great way to try out a new bookies without having to commit any of your own money. The thing is though there is always a wagering requirement in place and a max amount of winnings that can be won from a no deposit bonus to prevent anyone winning crazy amounts of money from an acca with a no deposit bonus. They’re pretty rare to see nowadays as betting sites would rather have their customers deposit than claim something for free.

Bonus Package: A package tends to consist of multiple different types of bonuses, for instance you may be able to claim a no deposit bonus followed by a matched bet, or a matched bet followed by a deposit bonus. Whats on offer is completely down to what the site wants to offer. These aren’t all the popular nowadays but if you do see one make sure you claim it as this is where the real value for money is.

Free Bet Offer Terms & Conditions

With every one of our free bets that you choose to claim unfortunately there are always terms and conditions that you have to stick to as these are the “rules” that have been set in place. Now these will vary from betting site to betting site but there are some common terms and conditions that you will find which is what we will be discussing below:

Minimum Deposit: No matter which bookmakers you decide to register with there will always be a minimum deposit threshold in place, this is the amount you will have to deposit in order to trigger your welcome bonus. Now it will range in size depending on the bookies and the size of the bonus on offer so its worth checking out the sites terms and conditions to find out the exact amount you will need to deposit.

Maximum Bonus: This is the maximum amount that will be applied to your first deposit or bet, so even if you deposit above the threshold you will only get the bonus amount applied on what has been stated at the bookies. So an example would be if you deposit $500 at Bet365 they would still only credit you with a $200 because they have stated its 100% up to $200 and no more.

Minimum Odds: With every bet that you place in order to claim your bonus or with your bonus you will need to wager it on a market where the odds are typically at least 1.5 and above. To find out the exact minimum you need to wager on head over to the terms and conditions on their site to find out more.

Turnover Requirement: This is a common rule that is found when claiming deposit bonuses, given the size of these bonuses betting sites will attach a turnover requirement which means that you will have to turnover the bonus a set amount of times before you can cash out any winnings, this could also include the original amount that you deposited. An example of this would be if you deposited $200 and got a $200 bonus, the bookies had a wagering requirement of 7 x your bonus amount you would need to wager $1400 before you can cash out any winnings.

Predetermined Markets: Enhanced odds are a pretty rare sight but when they come about they’re definitely worth claiming. However enhanced odds can’t be claimed on every match, instead they will select a game before kick off and allow customers to claim better prices on that game and that exact market. You will make your selection at normal odds and if it wins then you’re winnings will be topped up within 24 hours after the match has finished.

Stake Non-Refund: This hasn’t been seen in a very long time, but in the early days of online betting, sites would give you back your free bet stake in your winnings. Obviously this wasn’t cost effective for bookies so they decided to remove the stake when you get your winnings, which have caused customers to place more risky bets in order to see a good enough return from your free bet.

Like we said, these are only a handful of the more common terms and conditions that you will find when claiming any welcome bonuses. We always advise that you read the full terms before claiming so you understand what you’re getting yourself into.