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Best League of Legends Betting Sites in 2021

Given that eSports is a novelty in betting, the best eSports bookies’ approach to setting up LoL lines can be very different. For example, some bookies offer players a better chance of winning than their competitors to encourage new users to wager. In addition, if you distribute your bets between different online platforms, you can take advantage of advertising offers of bookies. 

Anyway, LoL is a great combination of real-time strategy and role-playing video game elements. Each team has five players who take part in duels lasting from twenty minutes to one hour. The main task is to destroy the enemy Nexus.

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How League of Legends is Played

The bases of the teams fighting to win the game are connected by three tracks. It is on these paths that teams interact. On each of the tracks, there are:

  • Minions that periodically appear and attack the enemy base. When a player kills them with “last hits,” he receives gold, which he can use to acquire items and gain experience to have more abilities and reach a new level.
  • Turrets, which look like structures to defend the territory, can fire powerful shells at attacking minions and enemy players.
  • Inhibitors are unique structures that are located at the end of the tracks. If you kill an inhibitor, you will create a new strong minion to attack the enemy base.

There is nothing between the alleys except the jungle, which is home to many neutral monsters. They can be killed and get for this gold, new experiences, and various positive effects.

League of Legends Champions

Each of the players controls a “champion” who has a certain number of unique abilities. The main thing that distinguishes the “champions” from each other is the effect of their actions, the type of damage they can cause to the opponent, and the hero’s characteristics. It is worth noting that each character can play different roles, i.e. some of them are primary to him, and others – secondary. There are the following roles in League of Legends:

Tanks. Heroes who take part in close combat. They can withstand more enemy attacks than other players. Their task is to defend partners during team duels, absorb main damage by taking on the primary attacks to make life easier for other characters.

  1. Supports aim to ensure the safety of their allies and provide them with buffs.
  2. Fighters are weaker characters than tanks, but they are able do more damage to enemies and fight very well during one-on-one fights.
  3. Assassins are heroes who mainly deal “explosive damage” to the enemy or severe damage for a short period. This allows them to destroy enemy players effectively. However, it is not so difficult to kill them.
  4. Carries, which include marksmen and magicians, have the greatest power at the end of the duel. They usually spend the start of the match weak and inactive.

In this way, each member of the team plays a specific role in the match. If you are a professional cyber sportsman, you should be a team player, therefore good skills are not enough.

League of Legends Tournaments & Prize Pools

league of legends matches

The largest LoL tournaments are held by the developer of this video game – Riot Games. Each continent has its regional tournaments, qualifiers and teams, but there are also international competitions (the main one is the World Cup). The most famous League of Legends tournaments include:

  • Mid-Season Invitational
  • LCK Standings and Infos
  • LCS Odds, Structure and format
  • LEC – LoL Esports in Europe

The prize pool for such eSports events can be even more than two million dollars.

Betting on League of Legends

Almost every betting platform that accepts bets on eSports events offers bets on LoL. The types of e-sports betting are very similar to betting on real-time sporting events. Every bettor can predict the future winner of a competition or the winner of a single match, guess how many matches one of the teams will win in the current tournament, or bet with a handicap on the outcome of the series.

Every day during rush hour, more than seven million people around the world play in League of Legends at the same time, and dozens of millions of LoL fans play every month. For example, one of the last World Cup was watched online by about forty-four million people.

LoL Odds: Live League of Legends betting odds

Analyzing the chances of winning when betting on LoL bettor must consider many variables in the match. The composition of the “champions” team has the same meaning as the start eleven in football. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the AI elements of the match.

Alternatively, you can bet that Team A is not defeated throughout the series. You can now find Live odds on LoL on the Betradar web portals on the World Wide Web.

Where can I find the best League of Legends odds?

A fairly long list of online platforms accepts traditional eSports bets, including bets on League of Legends. Among them, many offer pretty high odds, in particular GG.Bet and others from our list. 

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What sportsbook is best to bet on League of Legends?

If you are new to e-sports betting, especially LoL betting, then you should start by comparing lines. Check out the available eSports betting lines on the websites of as many bookmakers as possible. It would be wise to bet on League of Legends on different online platforms than on just one betting portal. You will find various options for betting on League of Legends matches for real money, particularly at the following Bet36, GG.bet, or some domestic Australian bookies. 

Options for odds shopping for League of Legends matches

By watching online broadcasts on Twitch, you will be able to better understand the course of the game. You will definitely need such knowledge in betting on e-sports events. You can also find a lot of useful information about League of Legends teams on the Leaguepedia portal.

Most known bookies accept bets on LoL. Bettors also have the opportunity to play in Fantasy LoL, in particular on the DraftKings portal. You can bet on selected players who, in your opinion, will perform successfully in the match and not on the whole team.

How will LoL betting odds change over time?

E-sports betting is quite similar to betting on popular sports, so they will also change in the future.

Bettors must monitor the performance of the League of Legends teams to avoid failures in predicting results. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to all changes, in particular to changes in positions of teams.

League of Legends Worlds Betting Odds

The best opportunities for League of Legends bets are given to those bettors who make predictions for the largest LoL tournaments. In addition, all the most famous bookies publish detailed information about the play-in battles, the group stage of the competition, as well as the playoffs. 

Therefore, players can place bets before the tournament – long before it starts, as well as use the variable League of Legends gambling odds throughout the tournament.

LoL Worlds Winner Betting Odds

However, among all the teams participating in the tournament, there are three potentially most vital. Teams from China dominate the League of Legends and are in high positions in the updated ranking of the forces of this game. However, G2 Esports remain the constant contenders for victory in the key LoL competition. After all, they have experienced players and incredible achievements at world championships.

League of Legends Worlds Play-In Betting Odds

Among the favourites of the first stage of the competition are LGD, Mad Lions and Team Liquid. The odds on their victories in League of Legends matches are very low. Slightly higher odds bookmakers give for the INTZ and PSG Talon teams, which performed well during the season.

In the last season, Unicorns of Love performed excellently, so they had a chance to triumph in at least one game in their group. In turn, Papara and Machi Esports will try to take second place in their groups, and most likely, they will fail in key duels with more serious opponents.

Main Event LoL Worlds Betting Odds

Damwon Gaming, G2 Esports and Top Esports are not likely to have any qualification problems. In addition, Suning, JD Gaming, Dragon X and Fnatic will join the tournament favourites in the round.

Upsets are sure to happen in such a popular tournament. So League of Legends gambling will bring more than one unexpected result at the stage of play-in matches and the main event. Playoff matches will take place in the format of best-of-three. Therefore, bettors will receive the odds on the participating teams to cover the handicap spreads.

Esports Promo of the Month

As you have already learned, there are many e-sports betting bonuses that you can use. By looking at the bookmakers’ promo, you can compare and check them to choose the best ones for you. Then there is only one step left – to register and get these bonuses.

FAQ betting on league of legends
How to bet online on League of Legends?

If you are betting on e-sports for the first time, choose a reliable bookmaker and register on its website. After completing all the settings, deposit the first amount into the account, select the event whose outcome you want to predict and then place your LoL bet.

Which bookmaker is the best?

Browse all the sites from the list of LoL eSports betting platforms that we have selected. All of them are tested and reliable, so you can choose the best bookie yourself, considering your own priorities.

What is the most convenient application for online betting?

In compiling a list of the best betting portals on LoL, we took into account whether they are optimized for phones and various applications. Our list of bookies is constantly updated, so you will make the best choice.

Which gaming sites should you pay attention to?

As we mentioned above, some gaming platforms are better than their competitors. Therefore, we conducted a thorough review and personally made sure that all LoL betting sites we offer are the best for LoL eSports bettors.

Which bookmakers offer a free bet?

On many of the betting portals we offer, you can place free bets or receive various bonuses during registration when you decide to join them. You will receive further similar offers depending on how often you place bids, as well as during promotions.

How much time does it take to open an account for online betting?

If you have all the necessary data, your account will be opened instantly – within five minutes or so. However, you will need to download copies of the documents for the verification to be successful, which will take you an additional five minutes.

Are all proposed betting platforms legal?

All of these online betting portals on LoL operate within the law and have the necessary licenses. We do not recommend joining those bookies that do not comply with the rules of honesty and safety.