Best Betting Websites to bet online in Australia

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There are few trends, such as online betting, which become more and more viral every year. Millions of sports enthusiasts live on the mainland, and Aussies enjoy spicing up their watching sessions of matches by making bets.  The only problem here is that the bookie market is a bit oversaturated. There are too many bookmakers, and their services get more complicated, making it difficult for new users to adapt. Today’s article will do our best to resolve this issue for aspiring punters and make online sports betting more straightforward for you. We will cover the main features of sportsbooks, introduce you to the betting options, give some tips on choosing a decent place for betting, and many more. So stay tuned to learn all the details and become a master of online wagering.

Sports Betting Online in Australia

 More than seventy different companies provide online betting services with current registration in Australia. Some of them are the whales of the industry, taking the largest chunk of the market share, while the others are only beginning to get their first players.

As for the players, Aussies are one of the most active bettors in the world. More than 500,000 Australian adults participate in sports betting. An average punter spends around 600 AUD per year, while the yearly turnover of the industry exceeds ten billion dollars. It is one of the most significant values per capita across the globe, so there is no wonder the competition between the bookies on this market is so severe.

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Choosing the Right Betting Site for You

The main problem of every new punter is to choose one of the Australian betting sites. The bad news is that there is no universal way to find the perfect site for yourself quickly. The service is very comprehensive, and the preferences of each bettor are individual. Therefore, you will have to find a suitable site that would fit your specific betting needs.

We will do our best to help you find such a site throughout this article, though the hardest work is still up to you. Finding a good sportsbook may demand some of your time, but it is only a one-time investment that will grant you a perfect experience for the months or even years to come. Therefore, we suggest approaching this mission responsibly instead of rushing out to make a wager as soon as possible.

What Features Make a Great Betting Site?

The good news is that there are no unknown variables in the equation. The quality of betting websites may be assessed using a set of criteria suited to determine whether the sportsbook will fit your specific needs. Let us elaborate on each criterion in detail to avoid missing anything important when selecting a service. Here we will give some tips on easily filtering out the sites you won’t enjoy too much.

Clean & Easy to Use Layout

Many players consider an adequate functional filling of the site as the most important aspect of the service. With a good bookie, you will have thousands of betting options for dozens of different sports. All the other features are worth nothing if you cannot navigate through the sportsbook. Everything should be appropriately categorized, making the navigation intuitive and functional. The menus of the best betting sites are well-structured, allowing you to find the necessary game in several clicks.

The same thing concerns the betting markets in the menu. The options for your predictions should be well-categorized so that you could easily find the exact bet you’re looking for. In general, the interface should be minimalistic not to distract you from planning the wager. Last but not least, the app’s main sections should always be available with two or three taps. The most common way to implement it is to have a fixed footer with buttons leading to the bet slip, cashier, profile, and sportsbook sections.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting implies making predictions for the games are being played at the moment. If you forgot to make a pre-match bet and the event has already started, for instance, you can still bet during the game. In addition, the odds for live markets adapt to the situation on the field in real-time, adding another layer of freedom to your predictions.

In-play, or as some bookies call it, live betting is trending around a decade ago. Now it is mainly considered a must-have, and most bookmakers have it by default. However, the quality of in-play betting varies between different platforms. Some bookies give only a few betting options for live games, but a good service shall offer a wide variety of in-play odds.

Mobile Betting Apps

The availability of the betting service on smartphones is crucial in 2021 when there are lots of mobile-exclusive players. It also applies to in-play betting as it is not always comfortable to use the desktop while watching the game. A mobile app, on the opposite, is a great tool to make a fast prediction without getting distracted from spectating the match.

A decent mobile app should have a comfortable interface, just as described for the desktop versions above. There might be some great additional features as well. For example, you can get notifications reminding you about an upcoming game of your favourite team. Another great feature of some mobile apps is that they accept Google Pay or Apple Pay, allowing you to make deposits instantly.

Promotions & Bonuses

The bonuses you can get at the best betting sites in Australia are diverse and may grant you a lot of free value. There are various types of promotions you can benefit from. However, they are rarely all seen on the same site. But before we briefly introduce you to the most common bonus types you can get, here’s a quick reminder: the bonus terms are just as important as the bonus’ generosity. So always read the terms and conditions for all the promotions you are about to activate.

Please note! There are some government restrictions on welcome bonuses and free bets in Australia’s bookmakers.

Sign Up & Welcome Offers

The most common type of bonus you can receive at a sportsbook is the so-called Welcome bonus. Welcome offers typically grant you a reward for your first deposit, and these are usually the most generous promotions. In addition, most bookmakers try to encourage the players to register. These promotions may grant a deposit bonus or one of the following types of bonuses. 

The only problem is that you won’t be able to see all the offers on every site due to the Australian regulations. Some of them are only shown after registration, not to violate the law against betting promo advertisements. However, you can usually find the information on third-party sites, where independent users leave reviews on the service.

Free Bets

Free bets are a great tool to get the benefit without any risks of your funds. Instead of receiving a cash bonus, you get a free bet with a fixed sum: you can choose the odds you like and make your prediction without spending any money. If the prediction was correct, you get the winnings, but not the amount of the bet itself. For example, winning a free bet of 100 AUD with the odds of 1.5 will grant you 50 AUD, not 150 AUD. 

Such free bets may be offered as a regular promotion or as a time-limited event. Some bookies don’t formally provide deposit bonuses by simply crediting the bonus amount in the form of a free bet. Please note that free bets and some of the other bonus types may be forbidden in your state. Don’t forget to check up with your local legislation.

Cash Back Offers

Simple as it can be, cashback promotions grant you a portion of your deposit delivered back to your balance. They are activated in case your bets were lost. There might be some other conditions depending on the online sportsbook. For example, at several bookmakers’ VIP clubs, there are cash backs calculated based on the total turnover for a specific period. So even if you have the same balance after making five bets, you will still get some funds for free.

In most cases, the cashback is rewarded on the following week after activating them. Some bookies have a permanent cashback that does not require you to activate anything at all. Cash given back is usually not subject to wagering or play-through requirements. These promotions, however, are more a pleasant bonus rather than a game-changer. You’ll get just a small compensation.

Enhanced Odds

As the name implies, these offers boost the odds at which your prediction is made. The multiplier for enhanced odds varies between different sportsbooks, so don’t forget to read the bonus terms for such promotions. Moreover, there are usually some limits for the enhanced odds bets, such as restricted sports types or minimum odds you can use the bonus on.

Reload Bonuses

These promotions are the ones you can activate multiple times. Typically, a reload promotion is available once per week or month. Such promotions grant one of the bonuses we have already mentioned: free bets, deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and others. These are the most profitable promos, as with time, you will get a lot of cumulative value from activating them regularly.

Cash-Out Bets Early

This is more than a feature rather than a promotion, and it is only available to few bookies. It implies that you can have your bet calculated before the match ends. The odds for such cashouts adapt to the situation in the game just like the in-play odds. For example, if you made a bet on a football game when it was a tie, and now your team is leading, you will be able to cash out the bet and get a portion of your initial odds. It can also be used as a stop-loss feature to return a part of your bet.

Customer Support

The bettors usually underestimate this aspect. It is a typical case when a novice punter does not pay attention to the quality of the support team and ends up being ignored or getting unqualified help. We always recommend learning this beforehand. On good betting sites in Australia, you will be able to reach support via several methods. The agents should reply quickly, communicate in a friendly and respectful manner, and be ready to resolve your issues or answer your questions.

VIP Programs

The VIP clubs or loyalty programs offered by the bookmaker determine the value you will get in the long run. The offers in this category vary dramatically: some bookies have layered programs with levels you can unlock, while others have invitation-only VIP clubs with exclusive features and a personal approach to the members. There is no universal approach to assessing such programs’ quality, but a good start would be to ask yourself whether your loyalty at this site will be rewarded fairly in a few months.

The layered programs are more common and similar to those offered at online casinos but with less exclusive benefits. The most popular features of a layered program are cashbacks, unlocking limited promotions, or receiving rewards for reaching a new level. A VIP club may feature personal managers, VIP-only promotions, personal support service, and even increased withdrawal limits.

Payment Methods

The banking system is responsible for your financial relationships with the bookie. Here, you will have to analyze several important factors. Firstly, there should be enough payment methods accepted. If your favourite option is not on the list, it will be more comfortable for you to find another sportsbook. The terms for transactions and the security of your operation are also crucial. The latter is mostly carried out by the payment platform itself, while the conditions for deposits and withdrawals are a thing requiring your attention. The minimum deposit amount should be comfortable, while the maximum withdrawal sum should not limit your opportunities too much.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing a Betting Site in Australia?

Now that we have dealt with the main criteria to assess the quality of the betting websites of Australia, we’re ready to move on to the specific details about the service. In this section, we will elaborate on the small aspects that are usually missed by most of the new players, so pay special attention here. To uncover these details, you should ask yourself several questions about the service. Below, we will present the list of questions and give short comments for a better understanding.

Is the Bookie Licensed to Operate in Australia?

As we have stated in the previous section, the license is the key to trust and reliability. The information about the license is usually located on the footer of the bookie’s website. You should just visit any page of the site, scroll down and look for the small text there. If there are no license details, try opening the terms and conditions document. In the terms, you will typically find lists of accepted and restricted countries. 

Sometimes you will find out the bookmaker is licensed outside of Australia, and it is a grey zone of online betting. On the one hand, providing services on the country’s territory is illegal without being registered and licensed in Australia. But on the other hand, the offshore bookies don’t have local departments and technically provide the service online. Do not forget that sports betting is not pursued: the legislation aims at the bookmakers, not its users.

What Is the Company’s Reputation Based on Reviews by Other Players?

To check the reputation of the bookie, visit any popular review platform, but make sure it is independent and the reviews are unbiased. Discovering the other bettors’ experiences is often a turning point in choosing between the best sports betting sites.

It is also a common practice that the bookmaker resolves the complaints of the users publically. It brings the service to a new level of transparency and lets the users know the bookie’s attitude towards its players. If the company does not react to bad reviews and complaints, it is a bad sign: they likely don’t have anything to oppose.

How User-Friendly Is the Bookie’s Cashier?

Transactions frequently become the small thing ruining your experience with the sportsbook. Bookmaker should have your payment methods available as well as comfortable to use. Performing the operations should be easy and intuitive. The payment system must be a tool, not an obstacle. It should be as easy as selecting a method and confirming the transaction. 

What Types of Bonuses Do They Offer?

We have described the bonus types in the previous section, while here, you only have to determine whether the promotions are worth it for you or not. If you’re a long-term punter, look for the reload bonuses and check the regularity of new promotions. If you intend to try online betting in Australia, look for a most profitable and easy to wager welcome bonus. 

And, once again, don’t forget about the bonus terms. The wagering requirements should not exceed x5, though, at many sites, there are no wagering requirements at all. Instead, you will have to select an odd higher than the stated amount. For instance, with free bets, you are usually required to have your odd equal at least 1.5. The minimum amount of deposit required is essential and the expiration period of free bets and other freebies.

Does the Bookie Have Mobile Betting Options?

Even if you’re not planning to start using the sportsbook on mobile, having such an option for the future can cause no harm. Mobile betting with some bookies is even more comfortable than doing it on desktops, so make sure the service is available on smartphones if you change your mind. 

Mobile apps now are comprehensive tools with the same features as on desktops. You will be able to make bets there, add up your balance, set up notifications, add matches to favourites and perform many other actions. Most places have both options available, allowing you to switch between your desktop and your mobile at any moment.

How Easy Is It to Reach the Customer Support Team?

Just as we have described before, it should be easy to contact a support agent. We recommend looking for a live chat option as it is the most convenient way to resolve minor issues or get answers to questions regarding the service. Almost every bookie has a live chat available, but not all of them are good: some have scripted bot replies implemented, making you struggle through the algorithm before actually getting to talk to a person. The easiest option here would be to ask a question before even creating the account. If the support reacts quick and kindly answers the question, you will be sure you’ll get help when needed.

Are the Odds Better Than with Other Bookies?

Odds determine how much money you would win from a bet. Better odds mean more winnings, and it is an extremely important factor. There are lots of services comparing the odds for the same outcomes offered at different bookies. It’s easy to find the most beneficial conditions. However, it does not mean the best odds grant the best experience. Sometimes, it is better to choose a place with lower odds but with good additional features.

The Most Popular Betting Features in Australia

Several betting features have been gaining wide popularity for the last couple of years. However, just like with all other criteria we are reviewing today, each feature is not a must-have. Some players may value a feature that others won’t use at all. Therefore, it is better to decide what’s more important for you and look for this exact feature.

Live Streaming

The first popular feature of sports betting in Australia is live streaming. Many reputable sportsbooks have built-in live streams of most matches available for watching. It eliminates the need to look for a good quality broadcast and is an excellent enhancement for in-play bets: you may place the wagers and watch the game simultaneously. The best bookies stream more than 500,000 events annually, so you’ll find something to watch on a rainy evening.


This is a set of features that allows you to combine different predictions into one complicated bet. Such systems may include different bets, but most of them will require you to select the outcomes of several different events. Such multi-predictions grant combined odds if guessed correctly, allowing you to build highly profitable bets but also increasing the risks.

Mobile Betting Apps

Having a mobile app is an additional feature for some sportsbooks, while others provide a complete experience for smartphone users. Nevertheless, it is the most popular feature of betting sites in Australia simply because most bettors use it. Therefore, we strongly recommend trying it: you will be surprised by the convenience of smartphone betting applications. 

The apps are available on iOS and Android devices, and their system requirements are usually quite low. The sportsbooks work well even on budget models, though you will need to have a stable internet connection for streaming the games in high quality.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

The variety of sports supported at a decent service will impress any new user. There are all the kinds of sports you can imagine as well as the ones you’ve never heard about. We will elaborate on the most popular sports below, but the specialties might turn out to be the most interesting. Some bookmakers even provide options outside of sports: they allow you to bet on politics, weather, Oscars, and other events.

  • Basketball: Probably not the most popular sport in Australia, yet, an internationally recognizable one. Betting on basketball does not only imply predicting the results of NBA’s most popular games: there are many national leagues and even their second divisions available. There will be enough betting options for casual fans who only watch the major games and experts of specific leagues.
  • Horse Racing: This sport became a cultural phenomenon in Australia long ago, so there is no wonder it is also popular on sports betting websites. There are both local events and international championships of horse racing available for betting. The betting options may include betting on jockeys, horses, on a specific participant getting to any prize spot, and many others.
  • Cricket: You might think of cricket as a sport unsuitable for betting on, but you will be surprised to know it is popular among punters too. Of course, the most demanded options are the shorter forms of cricket that don’t take longer than three hours to be played.
  • Australian Football: While the events are mainly provided from abroad for most other sports, this one is an Australian exclusive. The most surprising fact here is that thanks to the Australian online bookmakers, it has drawn lots of attention from punters worldwide. People from other countries also watch AFL and are eager to make bets on our favourite teams.
  • Football & Soccer: Soccer is, of course, way more popular than most other sports here. There are dozens of FIFA-member leagues, most of them being available for betting and live streaming.
  • Rugby: Despite rugby having peaked its international popularity, there are still many options to choose from in terms of betting. This is especially true for Australia, where this sport is still bringing together numerous viewers. Of course, at online bookmakers of Australia, you’ll be able to bet on the local competitions and the National League.
  • Tennis: Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and all the other major tennis tournaments are available for betting too. There are thousands of matches played annually, so you’ll find something interesting every day if you’re a big fan of this sport.
  • Table Tennis: It is not as popular as its big brother, table tennis is still an interesting sport to watch and bet on. Especially, taking into account, it is part of the Olympics. Watching the best players from all over the world compete against each other is capturing already, but spicing it up with making a wager makes it even more enjoyable.
  • Baseball: Popularised in the US, baseball is now available for betting across the globe, including the online betting sites of Australia. The matches of the Major League have a great spotlight on all betting platforms, allowing you to choose from numerous odds and watch the high-quality live streams.
  • Ice Hockey: This sport is more seasonal than others, though it is played throughout the year in some northern countries. If you’re a fan, you will find lots of options to choose from as the bookies cover thousands of International Ice Hockey Federation matches. 
  • eSports: Virtual arenas are also well-represented at the Australian sports betting sites and apps. You may bet on various disciplines, including Dota 2, CS:GO, Valorant, Rainbow Six and many others. The odds for eSports are usually high as the games are less predictable than regular sports.
  • Golf: From the seat of our desktops, we move to the green golf fields. It’s probably not the most entertaining sports to spectate, but you may still make lots of predictions for golf championships to make it more enjoyable. 

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Join Sports Betting Sites

Creating an account and placing their first wager for new punters may seem a bit complicated as you don’t face the same obstacles when registering on social media or other services. Here, you have to provide some personal information, and the process is a bit more serious and responsible. Nevertheless, it is not so hard, if you know what to do. So feel free to follow our step-by-step guide to make things easy.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Join Sports Betting Sites

Creating an account and placing their first wager for new punters may seem a bit complicated as you don’t face the same obstacles when registering on social media or other services. Here, you have to provide some personal information, and the process is a bit more serious and responsible. Nevertheless, it is not so hard, if you know what to do. So feel free to follow our step-by-step guide to make things easy.

  1. Finding Your Bookie. The first point is probably the hardest as selecting one of the best Australian betting sites. Feel free to use the tips we shared in this article and try to find a site that would suit your specific preferences.
  2. Creating an Account. The next step is to register at the sportsbook. The initial registration is usually relatively simple: you must fill out several forms with personal information and create yourself a profile. The personal information should be honest because you will need to confirm it later.
  3. Checking the Bonuses. If you were reading attentively, you already know about the welcome bonuses. In case you wish to receive a welcome gift, read the bonus terms and activate the promotion. Pay special attention to the wagering requirements and to the minimum amount of deposit required.
  4. Cashing In. At this point, you’re one step away from placing your first wager: you only have to add up your balance. Then, visit the online cashier, select a convenient payment method, configure the transaction and proceed to the payment platform to finish it.
  5. Placing the Wagers. As soon as the funds reach your balance, you’re ready to place your first wager. Select the sports and the game you like, choose an outcome and add it to your bet slip. Then, visit the corresponding section to configure the sum of your wager and place it.
  6. Confirming the Identity. At most sportsbooks, you will need to confirm your identity before withdrawing the winnings. Open the settings of your account, find the identity confirmation page and provide the necessary documents.
  7. Cashing Out. Once you’re eligible to make a withdrawal, you can visit the cashier once again, select the banking option and enter the desired cash-out amount.

Sports Betting Sites Q&A

Can I use cryptocurrencies at new betting sites in Australia?

Yes, some sites accept different cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods. The most popular options of this category are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

How are the winnings from my sports betting odds calculated?

You simply multiply the amount of your bet by the value of the odds. For placing 100 AUD on odds of 1.5, you will get 150 AUD back to your balance if the prediction was correct.

What is live sports betting?

Live or in-play sports betting implies placing the wager on a game that has already started. The odds in such bets are changing in real-time, according to the situation in the selected match.

 What betting sports are supported?

The selection of sports depends on the bookie, but in general, there are more or less all the popular sports represented. The list includes basketball, football, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, eSports, netball, cricket, and many others.

Are sports betting sites better than apps?

 It is a matter of taste, as the features are typically the same. However, most players agree that mobile apps are more comfortable for in-play betting as they are easily accessible anytime.

What are the best betting apps in Australia?

There are many good apps, and the answer strongly depends on your individual preferences. Some of the apps have a comfortable interface, while others offer better betting odds. You’ll have to formulate your needs and find an app that has the corresponding features.

 What sports betting offers can I benefit from?

Different bookies have different promotions. Most of them have generous welcome bonuses boosting your first deposits. If you’re planning to go for the long run, we recommend checking out the reload bonuses with multiple activations.

Is betting online in Australia legal?

es, sports betting is legally regulated in Australia. The companies are allowed to provide the services if they are registered in the country, but playing at offshore sites is not pursued.

 Are new Australian betting sites better than the old ones?

Well, new sites usually have better features as they don’t need to redevelop an existing platform. At the same time, the old ones are more reliable as they have already managed to create themselves a positive reputation.

Is sports betting online better than at a local department?

Yes, as it is more functional and efficient. You have more betting options, and it is more comfortable to place wagers. You don’t need to visit the department as you can simply take your smartphone and do the same thing with several taps.

 What are the wagering requirements in sports betting?

These are the terms for receiving a bonus. They are typically a multiplier applied to the bonus sum you receive. The resulting sum is what you need to bet in total in order to become eligible for withdrawals.

Can I use prepaid cards on betting sites?

Yes, many sites accept prepaid cards as a deposit method. However, they are not accepted for withdrawals, meaning you will need to use another method anyway.