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Bet365 review showcases one of the most popular betting companies around. You may have seen them advertised in a number of ways. Whether it is on the television screen or on a bus ride. It has become fairly popular over the years within its target demographics. The UK, Australia, and other European countries have all favored Bet365 for its range of betting services. The Bet365 Australia review shows you its expanded growth. They even have unique bonuses to go along with them. All the information you need is there at the touch of a button. 

After being around for a long time, you can trust that Bet365 bookmakers Australia is there for you. Being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission has given them a seal of approval in all aspects of online gambling. The number of licenses they have has grown since then, giving them jurisdictions for many other markets. It is easy for any adult to sign up and enjoy the range of services. If you would like to play on either mobile or desktop, the gambling site has you covered. Keep an eye out for regular promotions going on. The bookmaker has plenty of plans for the future. 

About Bet365

Bet365 was first founded in the year 2000. It is a private-owned site that has run for over 20 years. The founder of the establishment was Denise Coates, who still remains the majority shareholder. Together with her brother, John, they continue to run the online betting and gaming operations. Their current revenue almost tipped over to £3 billion in 2019. They have over 4,500 employees working in their dozen facilities. The other betting company in the UK, Coral, once owned some shares as Bet365 offered a price of £40 million to pay off its loans. 

About Bet365

In 2016, they had their hands in a few football sponsorships to get themselves well known. They became the biggest brand for Stoke City football club for six seasons in a row. For overseas advertising, they landed a sponsorship deal with Bulgarian football clubs for an extra two seasons. In recent news, Bet365 has worked very closely with other large UK gambling names to help fight against gambling addiction and other related issues. In terms of awards, they won “Operator of the Year” in 2010 in the eGaming Review magazine. The most recent accomplishment is the “Online Sports Betting Operator” award at the Global Gaming Awards Longdon 2021. 

Services and Features

Deposit MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Paysafecard, Click to Pay, Bank Wire
Withdrawal OptionsVisa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bank Wire, PayPal, Paysafecard, Apple Pay
Transaction FeesFree
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Netherlands, Czeck Republic, Chinese Mandarin, Hungarian, Danish, Slovenian, Estonian,
Odds FormatsFractional, Decimal, American, American/Fractional
Minimum Deposit5.00 AUD
Minimum Bet0.10 AUD
Mobile BettingAvailable for Android and Apple devices
Customer SupportFAQ, Complaints Procedure, Facebook, Twitter,

Bet365 Betting Markets

The betting markets are plentiful and varied. You can expect to find all facets of sports and games here that you can bet on. Many of which are new and have only just begun to tap the surface. This includes the world of esports, where video game tournaments come into play. The full selection of betting markets can be found on the home page. There is even a handy sub-menu where you can find the sport you are looking for alphabetically. Here is a compiled list of what you can find:

Horse Racing –

Bet365 horse racing has been a favorite for many years. Betting on the horses is a time-old tradition for many patrons. Whether you’re rich or poor, anyone can have access to the jockeys and place a bet. Bet365 lets you watch the races live and give you valid statistics on each racer. Over the next three days, you can see the upcoming races and check in which one is doing well. If horses aren’t your thing, they also let you bet on greyhound racing as well. 

Australian Rules –

Exclusive to Australia and its gambling laws, all betting can be altered to match these rules. All the match markets will be handled automatically, which includes any overtime for a particular sport. If at any point during the match where the time is extended, the revision will proceed to keep it in accordance with the official regulation time. As long as this new time is completed, then all bets made will still be valid. You can view the full details for Australian Rules in the help section of Bet365. This includes extra bits on Quarter Betting, Double Results, or Scorecast. 

Rugby League –

Rugby is a popular sport to bet on in both Australia and the UK. There are currently up to three leagues running that you can catch up with at the bookies. The NRL 2022, the Super League XXVII, and the World Cup 2021. You can not only bet on who will win but also which teams will make it to certain parts of the tournament. You can place big bets on the Grand Final Winner, or see who will take the second place. All of the teams and their upcoming matches will be shown in the current tournament you select. 

Baseball –

Baseball is popular not just in America, but all over the world. This is mainly thanks to the world of betting letting other countries check it out for themselves. You can watch some Bet365 live matches with full commentary. Because this is mainly held in America, there are few tournaments you can check into that are held around the world. Bet365 will be sure to notify you whenever there is an upcoming game. Baseball can have some exciting aspects to bet on, including the number of outs, strikes, and home runs. 

Basketball – 

Yet another popular sport in America. The biggest tournament held in the basketball world is the NBA. They have a lot of upcoming matches that you can bet on, with hundreds of teams across the country. There are numerous aspects you can bet on that adapt to what you know about the game. This includes bets that are made for specific rules or times during the match. For example, you can place bets on the first half or the first quarter. There are matches you can bet across the world with this game. Bet on the Hong Kong Cup or the Bulgaria NBA. 

Boxing & MMA – 

For those that enjoy the more rough and tumble matches. Bet35 allows you to place bets on the exciting fights in professional boxing and Mixed-Martial Arts. Since both are fights between opponents, the site has put both of them together. You can find your favorite fighters to see when their next bout will come. You can bet on who will win each round, when a knockout will happen, how long the fight will last for, and more. Check out the fights the moment you place your bet, as the times for each round will be displayed by the site. 

Esports – 

Esports has become a great new market for betting site. Bet365 have taken full advantage of it, with customers being able to place bets on hundreds of video game tournaments. You can see these exciting games up-close and get into it more with the power of betting. You can bet on games like shooters, arena fights, sports-based games, and more. The biggest examples are: 

  • CS:GO – This stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is one of the most favored shooters in the Esports market, with players taking cover and opening fire on other teams. You can see some real first-person action with new guns and gadgets. 
  • DOTA 2 – An acronym for Defense of the Ancients, this sequel is one of the biggest MOBA games to play in Esports. A MOBA is a battle-area game, where players choose powerful characters to fight each other and take over landmarks.

Bet365 houses other incredible games like League of Legends, King of Glory and Rocket League. There will be different types of bets depending on which game is currently running. The games themselves are quite varied, so it makes sense that you can find new rules to gamble on. 

Bet365 Betting Markets

Other Markets – 

While many of these are the most popular forms of betting, there is still so much more to discover. Other examples include Tennis, Table Tennis, Snooker, Golf, Darts, Formula 1, Cycling, Futsal, Ice Hockey and more. There is even a regular casino section where you can gamble in more traditional settings. Soccer/Football is their biggest betting pool. You can expect to find a lot of promotions heading into this area. New markets will be open depending on what is currently trending. Bet365 are determined towards having all facets of gaming be marketing for legal gambling. 

Bet365 Bet Types

Bet365 is dedicated to helping you bet the way you want. This is so you can control how much you are spending and only go as far as the limits will take you. You can choose these options through the settings found within each game. Standard bets can be made with just a few clicks or button prompts. For extra types of betting, here is what you can do: 

  • Banker Bet – As well as placing your regular bet, you can then be given the option to alter what you have picked and make it a Banker bet instead. You can choose one selection from the menu to be your selected Banker Bet. What you have chosen must be the winner, or you will lose your whole bet entirely. The requirements for making a Banker Bet is simply choosing who you believe would have the biggest chance of winning. The number of bets you place in each section will multiply your overall stake. 
  • Trixie – This type will be made of three choices plus your main bet. That means up to four individual bets will be combined together. Should you have one bet lose, but have two others win, you will be paid on the ‘double’ of what two choices you picked. You can view your Trixie bets until the multiple options tabs on the bet slip. 
  • Yankee – Four total choices can be selected with a combination of up to 11 different bets. Six of them are doubles while four of them are trebles. The final is the accumulator of all four choices. Since there is no double in the bet itself, make sure that three of the four selections are good enough. 
  • Super Yankee – This one is same as the previous one, except up to five selections will be made. This will result in a combination of 26 bets instead. The combinations will consist of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 accumulators and the fivefold accumulator. It is with betting like this that the unit stake will be controlled slightly to avoid going over the betting limits.
  • Heinz – Six selections are made with this one. It is named after the famous food dispenser due to the 57 variety of bets, similar to the 57 varieties of food they serve. The collection is 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds , and the regular sixfold. 
  • Super Heinz – Seven selections are made with this super-sized bet requirement. They are full of 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds, and the singular sevenfold. 
  • Goliath – One of the even bigger bet pools you can make. This is made of eight selections and includes 247 bets. 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 7-0 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 8 sevefolds and the eightfold accumulator. Players should be careful as a small stake can equal a large sum of money with this bet type. You could run out of money quickly with this kind of money.
  • Block – The largest bet type of them all. As with the pattern, it consists of nine selections. Because it is so big, being worth 502x your initial stake, it is split across numerous games and events running simultaneously. Bet365 is currently the only online bookie that allows players to make Block bets.  

Betting Interface and Website Layout

The initial website is stylish and pretty to look at. The signature colors of the bookie are green and yellow. It makes up not only the title, but parts of the website as well. All of what you need is made front and center. The top menu will give you quick access to what games are currently happening in real-time. It is also where you can easily join or log in to your account. Beneath the menu is where you can also find quick links to the main sporting events. Below that are all the big current promotions and games happening. Everything is easy to find with a simple color scheme to get you relaxed. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Placing a Bet with Bet365

Here is the basic guide on how to start betting:

Step-By-Step Guide to Placing a Bet with Bet365
  1. First, create an account and log in. This is where you can set up your financial details as well. The bookie will recognize you as a customer and give you the latest info. You will need to set up your email address, username, and password for a basic account. 
  2. Select your payment method from the options available. Choose whatever you are comfortable with and be sure to select a withdrawal option too. Enter your financial details once the selection has been made. By the way, bet365 withdrawal time is pretty short for Aussie punters.
  3. Select the game/match you would like to place your bet on. Choose from dozens of different games and sports from the main menu. You can also choose from the A-Z menu for more specific choices. 
  4. Select the Bet type. This is where you choose how you wish to bet. Select from dozens of options to decide how much you are willing to spend. 
  5. After the game is won, withdraw your winnings. This will happen almost instantly once the results have been calculated.

Bet365 Mobile App

Mobile Bet365 has what you need to take your betting on the go. Mobile gambling has become more commonplace thanks to the latest technological developments. Because you don’t need high-tech to play any actual games, the betting process can be done much simpler by mobile. The devices you can access the site can be any platform supported by either Android or Apple. This includes smartphones, tablets, and any other device with a much smaller screen. The site even comes with a downloadable app. This app itself is free, as you will be spending on the bets for the most part. Once downloaded, you can have instant access to all the betting information. This allows you to place bets and handle your account from anywhere you please. This also provides a much easier way to gamble and watch your favorite games from another device. Gamble on your phone whilst watching the game on the TV. 

Bet365 Promotions

There are many different bonuses you can find which add more excitement to your betting. You can check the promotions page to see what is on offer: 

Open Account Offer – 

You can gain up to £100 in Bet Credits for any new customer who joins up. All you have to do is make a minimum deposit of £5. The Bet Credits will be available for regular betting as soon as requirements are met. Read on the terms and conditions. 

Autumns Internationals Early Payout Offer – 

This appears during the time of year where many new matches and tournaments are underway. If you have a team that is 15 points ahead, all your single bets get paid out instantly. Multiple bets will have a selection marked to be the winner.

Accumulation Bonus –

Sometimes the site will have added percentage bonuses to certain accumulators. This can be for any sport such as soccer and tennis. You may earn up to a 70% bonus added. These apply to pre-match accumulators for two or more selections on match wins. The percentage can alter depending on how many selections you have. 

Bet365 Price Promise – 

Sports Bet365 will run a specialised promotion with ITV. The best prices you can find on horses will be shown before the race begins, all live on the network channel. The fixed odds market will be shown from 10am on the day the race happens. 

Deposit/Withdrawal Information

The deposit and withdrawal information can be viewed in full from the Bet365 Help section. This will not only show you what you can use but further info on how to use the money. This includes the Bet365 withdrawa time, how much money you can deposit, and if any fees will apply to transactions. Here are the banking options you can use: 

MethodProcessing Time
Min-Max DepositMin-Max Withdrawal
Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro)Instant/ 1-5 days5.00 – 20,000.005.00 – 20,000.00
Apple PayInstant/Instant5.00 – 5,000.005.00 – 2,000.00
Google PayInstant/None5.00 – 5,000.00None
PayPalInstant/24 hours10.00 – 5,500.0010.00 – 5,500.00
PaysafecardInstant/24 hours5.00 – 770.005.00 – 2,000.00
Click to PayInstant/None5.00 – 5,000.00None
Bank Wire2-10 Banking Days/1-5 days100.00 – 100,000.005.00 – 100,000.00

Customer Support

There are a range of methods you can use to get help from Bet365 customer service. For starters, there is the customer contact phone number. This will put you in touch with a customer service agent by voice. You may be in a waiting line, so other methods could be faster. For example, any issues you have can be addressed in the complaint’s procedure. This will also give you an email address you can use to send as an alternative. Any questions you have can be possibly answered in the FAQ section. The Help is a subsidiary site you can access that can provide more detailed information. 


Bet365 betting options

Bet365 offers some of the best betting options in the whole industry. With 20 years of experience under their belt, they have what it takes to be a strong contender for many more. They offer some of the biggest betting options you can use for high stake winnings. The promotions on offer can run almost every week. You can find more wins to be had from specific sports on offer. Everything about the site is quick and easy to learn. You can instantly access what you need with the varied menus. Enjoy and easy start into the world of sports betting with Bet365.

Bet365 FAQ

How can you contact Bet365?

You can get in touch through phone number or email. Details can be found in the complaints procedure page. 

Does Bet365 have a live chat?

There is a live chat function that operates 24/7. Get in touch with an employee instantly with fast messaging. 

How many sports games can you bet on?

There are over 22 different sports games you can bet on. Further games can be looked into under certain categories. 

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit you can make goes down to 5.00 GBP. This is different from the minimum bet you can make, which is 0.10 GBP. 

What is the biggest prize won from Bet365?

Bet365 currently houses one of the biggest payouts recorded, equaling £2,000.000.00.

Does Bet365 support no deposit bonuses?

You can find Bet365 bonus codes to use from outside sources. Look for them in online review sites, which can reward bonus Bet Credits to work with. 

Does Bet365 support social media?

You can follow Bet365 on Facebook or Twitter. Check in to see the latest news updates or promotions. 

Pros and Cons

There are some competitive odds here, which lead to big winnings. 
Betting markets have a lot of in-play matches. All of which in a large variety. 
Bets are handled safely and quickly. 
Fast live streaming services for real-time play
Limits can be placed on betting so not as much control. 
The mobile version does not have any specific promotions separate from desktop.

Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.8 Overall Rating

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