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Pros and Cons

Over 100 years of experience under their belt with trusted networks. 
Regular reload offers to give people the best betting experience. 
All sites, either desktop or mobile, run completely fine with perfect interface design. 
Convenient payment methods with most deposits happening instantly.
Ladbrokes have still yet to expand across dozens of countries. 
No sign-up bonuses as Australian gambling law forbids it.
Ladbrokes Australia

Ladbrokes Aus is one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK and Australia. This Ladbrokes review Australia will highlight some of the most iconic and best parts of this gambling site. The main selling point is how you can make the most of your bets and find plenty of community interaction. You can make a Ladbrokes bet with friends and make real connections through the world of online gambling. Even better is that they strongly promote safe gambling, with connections to charitable organizations that can help. Everything they do is in support of you and your enjoyment. 

To help cover the regulations of every country they operate in, Ladbrokes licences come from the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gaming Authority. They make sure they stay committed to Advanced Responsibility and Care to prevent gambling-related problems. This counts for their many services, including the promotional help tools used for a better customer experience. That is why you can bet in dozens of sports and races with ease. You can find a list of bonuses to use as well, offering advantages to newcomers on the gambling scene. Live stream your favourite sports to see how your bet is playing out, with an advanced setting customized to your experience. Ladbrokes is about making you feel like one of the lads.

About Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes has become a recognized name in the online gambling scene for many years. They are known as the hallmark of a premier brand, becoming synonymous with betting and gambling. The company was first founded all the way back in 1886, becoming a huge enterprise back when gambling was first getting its modern roots. They became the main market leader for bookmaking in the UK, Ireland, and Belgium. They also grew into other side projects, running their football tournaments such as the FA Premiership grounds and the races like the Ascot. 

They grew so much; they now operate with thousands of betting markets daily. Both can be done through either the telephone or through their new and improved online website. To help keep up with online gambling, they quickly located some of the best security in gaming and integrated it seamlessly with a 24/7 system. They have over 17,000 employees from 2016 onwards, with up to $1.2 billion in revenue from 2017. These new improvements make them the best in the business. 

Services and Features

Deposit MethodsDebit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Wire, Sofort, Paysafecard, GiroPay, iDeal, Trustly
Withdrawal OptionsDebit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard
Transaction FeesFree
LanguagesDutch, Irish, Swedish, English
Odds FormatFractional
Minimum Deposit$10.00
Minimum Bet$0.10
Mobile BettingSupports Android and Apple devices
Customer SupportSocial Media, FAQ, Phone number, live chat, email
Services and Features

Ladbrokes Betting Markets

Ladbrokes betting has had many years to get in touch with many different genres. Even with the modern world, there are now more betting options than ever before. Ladbrokes aims to meet every single one, with the support of regular matches and live-streaming. Live-streaming allows you to see these matches in real-time. That way, you will get the fastest result in knowing of your bet has paid out or not. You can find a list of available sports and races on the left side of the main menu. The list will have all of the major events. The main menu will also show you matches that are currently happening right now. These live statistics will showcase anything you want to get a jump in right away.

Horse Racing – 

Ladbrokes Horse Racing is a well-known betting land mine. It has been for many years, and it is the forefront of this Ladbrokes online betting. From the sports selections, you can choose from regular horse races to distance horse races. The menu will then show you which ones are currently in meetings and what races will come up next. You can also take a look at any future races that are being planned as well as any special occurrences. Distance Horse Racing are races that travel over 440 yards, which equals up to two and a half miles. 

Australian Rules

Australian Rules football is like American football, only with different variations. This is played on an oval field which is often seen as a more modified cricket ground. Its rich history comes from discovering this sport in many Australian colonies. There will be many tournaments held in Australia that you can bet, with Ladbrokes keeping you covered. The upcoming matches will be displayed from Today, Tomorrow, or some other future events. You can view matches that are yet to start or view ones that are currently in play. Find your favourite Aussie variation and see who comes out on top.


American Football has a lot more to cover, as they can run tournaments and competitions in any part of the world. This world-renowned sport involves a lot of contacts and a lot of different plays. Like with the previous Ladbrokes sport mentioned, you can view matches that are already happening or any new ones coming up next. Teams from all over the country will be competing in competitions. You can view outrights if you want to see what is to come. You may want to start betting around Superbowl time.


That sport is prevalent in America but has its enthusiasts in Australia. See select matches, ones in-play, competitions, outrights, and special deals. There are contests always happening all over the world, even in places like Venezuela. The American teams also have women watches you can bet on. Europe has a few contests, such as the Champions League and the VTB United League. There is a lot to see and wager on at the Ladbrokes Basketball section. 

Boxing & MMA – 

If you want to see more rougher games, then boxing or MMA might just add that little more excitement. Here you can bet for or against some of the toughest fighters on the planet. If you prefer some traditional fighting, with punches and blows, then boxing is for you. If you prefer cage-fighting with all kinds of fighting styles thrown in the mix, then MMA has got you covered. These provide some incredible shows to watch and make for some exhilarating bets to be made. Who knows who is going to come out on top. 

Tennis – 

Ladbrokes Betting Markets - Tennis

Tennis is a major market for Ladbrokes to focus on. It offers slow build-ups to some incredible finales. Both Australia and the UK have a handful of celebrity faces competing in title matches. Tennis has a lot of competitions in play with their special matches from time to time. If you want something that is a little more grounded, there is also a table tennis section to bet on. For now, Tennis can be a real game-changer for betting on both players and the matches they star in.

Other Markets –

There are still so many more types of sports that you can place bets on. There are still over 45 sports you can bet with, branching into many different fields you may not have thought possible. Esports is becoming a big contender, watching video game events with large tournaments sprawling across the world. Even chess can have bets placed on in official competitions. If you want to place bets on political elections or even what’s in the latest news, you can do that as well. Possibilities are endless for Ladbrokes and its divertive services. 

Ladbrokes Bet Types

Ladbrokes Bet Types

Ladbrokes support many kinds of bet types. There are personally tailored for you to control how much you wish to spend and how big of a net you want to cast. Unfortunately, they sometimes ask for more money than what you might be prepared to offer. That is why it is important to read through these bet types in the FAQ section of the website. They will explain what you will be giving up and how much you will be winning. Most of them will also follow the same rule: the one who wins or comes in the first place is what is needed to be successful. Here is a rundown on what you can do:

  • BOB (Best of the Bet) – The Best of the Bet, also known as BOB bet, is the highest odds you get paid off with the three main Australian totes used. This allows you to be given the odds after a delayed time once placing the bet. The BOB bet will be available after 35 minutes before the race or match starts. It can only be used on selective events, as some matches may have more or less time to start. 
  • Fixed Price – Sometimes, you may want to receive the odds when you start your bet. The Fixed Price does precisely that. The odds will be displayed after you have placed your bet. That way, you can choose to be riskier and see what you will win the second you have chosen to take the gamble. If you prefer to be more prepared, then this may not be the right bet for you. 
  • MidTote – the Middle Tote is the second highest paying tote you can gain out of the three main Australian totes. If you use only two totes in the operation of the meeting, the Ladbrokes will pay out the lower tote. The middle allows you to win a little more or lose a little less because you opt to take the middle ground. Once again, this type of bet can only be used on selected events. The Middle toe may not be available on games that cannot operate with all three totes. 
  • NomTote – This is a specially designed option where the players themselves can nominate the tote price. Again, that can only be used on specific sporting events. Nominating the tote yourself can give you complete control of the odds. However, this can only benefit you if you are right on the money. Do not make the decision lightly, as you may end up in a much worse position than you were with a regularly chosen tote. 
  • Best Tote – This is the highest odds selected out of the three main Australian totes. The place component of each bet way bets is paid at Mid tote only. IF you want to choose this option, it can give you the best pool to take from. Just be sure that you have enough money to place a bet on such a wide cast. 
  • Best Tote or SP – These two choices combined give you not just the best odds out of all the Australian totes, but it also gives you the final fixed price offered by Ladbrokes themselves. Once again, Best Tote online is paid for each bet ways with place component. Try to give yourself the best possible advantage with both options offered to you at once. 
  • SP – SP stands for the Starting Price. It is the final fixed price that Ladbrokes will then decide to clamp down on. This can no longer be changed once Ladbrokes has decided, so try to get it in the right direction once you have set your Starting Price. 
  • TopFluc – This represents the top betting fluctuation that is offered to you by Ladbrokes. This is only offered in the final 30 minutes of the betting before the match or race starts. Make sure to have it delivered to you fast so you have an idea of what is happening. 
  • TopTote – The best dividend of the three main Australian totes. This is the third kind of selection you can make out of three main totes. Keep all three in mind before you bet so that you know what kind of pool you wish to dip into. 
  • VicTote – Victorian tote that only dividends on select meetings. It will be paid during these specific events, so keep an eye out for this option when you see it.

Betting Interface and Website Layout

The betting interface goes with the theme of red on this website. The colours of the brand have certainly changed over several years. The red signifies the continued excitement you will feel when betting through them. The black will highlight the main menus that you can select from. All of which are shown with clear font, so you know what you are selecting before confirming anything. All of the sports are easy to find from the A-Z menu. You can manually search for what you are looking for or follow the alphabetical ordering of the events. All of the promotions are also listed in this A-Z list and shown on the main menu as advertisements. You can easily use Ladbrokes login and create an account from the top of the menu. It will even show your total number of betting slips next to your profile icon. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Placing a Bet with Ladbrokes

Here is a helpful guide on how you can place a bet with Ladbrokes. Just follow these steps one after the other until eventually it becomes as natural as breathing: 

  1. After using a Ladbrokes Australia login, you can navigate through the selections on the website. Choose the sport or event you wish to place a bet on. 
  2. After selecting, you can then decide what odds to choose. This will then be added to your bet slip. You can keep track of them on the top right corner of the screen. 
  3. You will then enter the stake in the selected field on which you want to wager. This will determine how much your Ladbrokes cash out is worth. 
  4. Confirm your wager and odds by selecting “Place Bet.” 
  5. You can then see the list of information in its entirety. If anything there is a mistake and needs to be changed, you can select the red X mark to return to the market and change your selections. 
  6. Select “Confirm Bet” if you have decided that everything is right and wish to proceed to the next step. 
  7. The QuickBet feature will then display to prove your bet has been accepted. Look at the Pending Bets section to see what bets are currently in place. 

Ladbrokes Mobile App

Ladbrokes Mobile App

You can download Ladbrokes to play on mobile if you wish. Ladbrokes mobile provides a much better time in betting by letting you do it on the move. You can gamble away from anywhere you want, so long as you are connected to the internet. The links to have access to the app version of Ladbrokes can be found on the main home page. You can download the app for both Android and Apple devices. They support platforms such as tablets or smartphones. The app can be downloaded for free, as you will be paying the bets once you Ladbrokes join up. The interface will also be more suited for a smaller screen. Make sure that your phone runs the correct software before you decide to download the app.

Ladbrokes Promotions

Promotions and bonuses can be seen on the main home page. They can also be selected from the A-Z list underneath. This page will show you what exclusive offers you can gain and how they will affect your betting. In addition, they can offer better advantages to your odds and provide betting tips to keep you safe. Here are a few examples of what you can find:

1-2-FREE –

You can instantly win the cup to $100 in cash for a Ladbrokes free bet. All you have to do is correctly predict the following three scores that happen in a game. Even if you only gain one or two scores right, you will still win Ladbrokes bonus cash.

Spin the Instant Spins Wheel –

Spin the wheel for a chance to win prizes. This can be spun around almost every day, giving players more to get from their bets as they gamble.

Promo Codes –

You can earn more money through special no deposit bonuses. These can help you win more money or help prevent losses, so long as you type in the code or meet any special requirements.

Deposit/Withdrawal Information

Payment options can be viewed from the help section of the site. This can show you what your minimum deposit it, maximum withdrawal, number of options, and so much more. The withdrawal times can differ depending on which method you are using. All the payment methods have no fees attached, so the full amount will always be transferred. Here are the details on what you can use: 

MethodProcessing Time – Dep/WithMin-Max DepositMin-Max Withdrawal
Debit CardsInstant/3-5 business days$5.00 – Unlimited$5.00 – $30,000.00
PayPalInstant/1-2 business days$10.00 – $10,000.00$10.00 – $10,000.00
Bank Transfer1-5 business days$10.00 – $100,000.00$10.00 – $10,000.00
SkrillInstant/1-2 days$10.00 – Unlimited$10.00 – Unlimited
NetellerInstant/1-2 days$10.00 – Unlimited$10.00 – Unlimited
Bank Wire2-5 days$10.00N/A

Customer Support

The Contacts page can be found at the bottom of the website. This is where you can view all of the necessary information needed to get in touch with someone. You can always find a method of contact, either through the phone number or through email. Try the live chat room if you ever need to get in touch in a more direct format. This is customary to have one so that customers can message whenever they find it most convenient. If you want to keep up to date with any news on the site, try following them on their social media sites. 



You can certainly feel the experience that Ladbrokes have over all other bookmakers. The number of sports they have available shows the research they are out into. Players like to see all kinds of sporting events, and even more so if they want to bet on them. Ladbrokes has the potential to go into untapped betting markets that many don’t even notice. Not to mention that the promotions available offer customers a chance to win something for free. You can find something new every day with their range of communications and updates. You will never be left out of the loop, not even for many years to come.


How many sports can you bet on?

There are over 45 different sports you can place bets with. This includes both sporting events and races. 

How can you contact Ladbrokes?

You can get in touch with the phone number or email address provided on the contacts page. 

Does Ladbrokes have a live chat room?

The live chat room is available 24/7 so that you can message anyone in your time of need. 

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit you can make is $5.00. This is only possible with a few payment methods. For ones like PayPal, it is $10.00. 

What is the highest prize won from Ladbrokes?

One customer at Ladbrokes won over $3.5 million from just a 25p bet. It is the biggest in the history of the site. 

Does Ladbrokes support no deposit bonuses?

You can find a unique Ladbrokes promotion code from online review sites. No sign-up codes are available due to Australian law. 

Does Ladbrokes support social media?

Ladbrokes operates with Facebook and Twitter. 

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