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Website Overview

Over the past 5-years, exchange betting has increased in popularity. It gives experienced gamblers the opportunity to pick and choose their own odds, which allows them to derive as much value as possible from their handicapping opinions. Matchbook is a betting exchange, first established in 2004. As such, the site is quite unusual because it also offers online casino gaming. Website owner/operator Triplebet Limited is headquartered in Alderney, where the company maintains its primary iGaming license. They are also licensed by the U.K. Gambling Commission.

Given the unique nature and nuances of exchange betting, it’s incumbent on all participants to go through the tutorial attached to the lobby in the upper right-hand side of the website menu. There is also plenty of information about handicapping and understanding betting lines in the “getting started” section at the bottom of the page. Should there be any disputes related to any aspect of the betting process, they will be mediated by a customer service representative. Novice sports bettors need to understand that the process of setting one’s own odds and posting a wagering proposal is a complicated process. Any material mistakes in setting a line could result in another more experienced gambler gaining an unfair advantage. With that in mind, betting exchanges should only be used after a gambler has obtained a certain amount of experience as a sports gambler


For sports gambler who are used to traditional style sports book, Matchbook is going to present a real test of patience while learning to navigate the site. Visually, the website isn’t much to look at, which tends to put off gamblers who should have little difficulty finding better options. The use of drab colors and very little advertising leave the site looking very flat and lifeless. All the betting markets are listed down the right-hand, including horse racing. The one positive about this website design is prospective customers should be able to find out everything they want to know about Matchbook from the bottom of the home landing page.

Welcome Bonus

If gamblers are looking for a welcome bonus from Matchbook, they are going to be disappointed. Betting exchanges don’t really lend themselves to providing bonuses and betting promotions. With that said, the site does advertise a cash rebate of up to $50 to be paid out over the first five weeks after earning points and losing at least $100 on either back or lay bets.


Again, there are no betting promotions being advertised due to the nature of the website. Although this review is restricted to the sports and race book, it’s worth noting there are some promotions being offered from the casino.

Betting Markets

Right off the bat, it’s very clear that the number of betting markets being offered up for exchange betting is quite limited. This is most likely due to the notion experienced gamblers will be the ones to frequent this site and they will most likely want to stay focused on major sports and sports leagues from major sports venues throughout the world. In that spirit, it was confirmed that the website is setup to allow exchange betting on sports events from most major European football leagues, plus the NFL, NBAA FB, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA BB and the WNBA for the U.S, and a few other international sports.

One of the things some gamblers don’t like about exchange betting is the lack of variety in betting options. In the sports gambling area, there are no multi-event bets (parlays) or proposition bets. Exchange betting does lend itself to future odds wagering, though the site doesn’t seem to have anything currently being offered.

The exchange betting process requires that one gambler come in and propose a wager (lay betting) at the odds they believe will attract action. At that point, any other gambler signed up on the exchange can come along and accept the wager (back wagering). Should a wager go unaccepted, it gets filed in an “unaccepted wager” file that resides on the right side of the interface. Once a wager has been proposed and accepted, both gamblers are in action. At the conclusion of the event, the system automatically settles all bets. The only fee charged for this service is a 5% commission charged to the winning side of each bet. In other words, there is no fee charged for proposing or accepting a wager. There are situations when the commission could be waived or discounted.

Exchange betting is also available for gamblers who enjoy betting on horses. The process is much the same in that the gambler who is proposing a wager gets to set the price. Theoretically, the price needs to be competitive or it will most likely go unaccepted. Exchange betting on horses is limited to win/place wagering with no access to exotics.

Mobile Betting

At this point in time, Matchbook does not have a dedicated mobile app. If players want to access the website while using a mobile device, they can most likely do so through any standard web browser.

Customer Support

Customer service claims to be available 24/7/365. With that said, it was kind of hit and miss getting a customer service representative via live chat. When reached, they seemed helpful and knowledgeable. Other customer service contact options include phone and email.

Payment Methods

Based on industry standards, Matchbook offers a standard selection of banking options. They include paysafecard, Skrill, Visa, Neteller and Instadebit. Withdrawal requests are subject to a short holding period, during which time the customer may be asked to submit documentation as proof of identity.


Exchange betting is quite different than traditional sports betting. The Matchbook website does a good job of trying to teach customer about the process, for which the website deserves credit. The overall website is unattractive and the limited number of wagering options makes a visit to the website a bit less fulfilling. It’s also a little troublesome that the site is difficult to navigate and offers no access to a mobile app. If gamblers want to get involved in exchange betting, there are better options than Matchbook.

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Matchbook Australia Review 2021
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